Its Monday 15th April 2013 and congratulations!

Hello there, I hope that you had a lovely weekend. I have to say that over on the African side of life, we had a fabulous one, especially Chris and Emma (you have heard from Emma from Mkulumadzi a couple of times) who tied the knot in Malawi. They did it in style!

It was the most incredible wedding, everything was beautiful and the bride looked amazing so the biggest congratulations to them both from all of us here and I hope that everyone will join me in wishing them all the best for a long and happy future together.

Skipping back over the border to the Luangwa, we are now getting ready for a busy week as part of their wedding party are heading this way today to have a week of fun and game viewing. Fingers crossed that the animals continue to perform in the way that they have been over the last week. Whilst Nkwali was closed for some re-decking at the bar, it doesn’t mean to say that we have been relaxing on the banks of the river sipping on a nice cool beer watching the sunset. The Luangwa River Camp and Robin’s House teams have been super busy showing the guests what can really only be termed the best of the Luangwa game-viewing.

Luangwa River Camp  Robins

Yona who has been based at Luangwa River Camp for the last few weeks has been spoilt with so many leopard sightings it has been unbelievable. However, I don’t really think that we should simply dwell on the cats, but also everything else that the park has to offer – and one of the lovely bird sightings that they had recently was a juvenile crowned crane with its fluffy Mohawk style ‘hairdo’!


Adult crowned crane  Saddle billed stork

Our Emerald Season Bush Camping within the ebony grove has also proved a huge hit and guests are really enjoying their stay there with Kanga and George. They have also had some lovely sightings including a Yellow Wagtail, quite a rare find in this neck of the woods and so was quite a treat, especially for Kanga. They have also been spoilt with spectacular sightings of large herds of elephants trampling across the river early morning and early evening time just in front of camp, which really is a magical sight.

Bush Camping  Kanga preparing the morning tea/coffee


Obi has been busy at Robins House with lots of families coming to stay. Whilst they have had some constantly fantastic sightings there was one pretty incredible sighting. There is an open area across from Nkwali called Wakumba and driving along he spotted a lion in this open area. Sitting for a while watching the lion, engine turned off they suddenly heard a “crunch”. Inspector Clouseau hat went on, binoculars went up and sure enough, hidden behind a bush was a male lion tucking into a zebra whilst the 5 ladies watched and waited for him to finish. If that wasn’t a spectacular enough sighting, Obi then reversed into the shade of a nearby tree and when a guest looked up and there was a young leopard. Jeepers!

Lions  Leopard
in tree

Well the car was promptly moved into a slightly less shady spot!! However it didn’t stop there! The lions then deciding that they had enough food wanted a sip of water and the young leopard who is just starting to learn the skills of living without mum leapt down from the tree and helped himself to a sneaky snack before the lions returned.

Lion having a drink

Truth be told I think that there is very little else that can follow on from that, so yet again for another week I shall bid you all a fond farewell and get ready for the mass arrival of the wedding party.

Hope that you have a really lovely week and lots of fun.



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