It’s Monday 1st April 2013 and a slice of paradise!

Hope you had a great Easter break, filled with plenty of Easter eggs! This week we’ll hear from Alex & Karien, the new managers at Pumulani.

“So we arrived at Pumulani a few weeks ago, ready and eager to take the helm as the new managers. We had seen the photographs online and read the many fantastic reviews about the lodge, so we thought we were pretty much prepared for what we were about to see for the first time. Boy, were we wrong!

The feeling you experience when you first stand on the deck, overlooking the lodge and the lake is almost overwhelming. Cathartic even! It took us both a moment to catch our breath and pinch ourselves to make sure we were actually standing here, in paradise.


It’s all sorts of wonderful things rolled into one…a mirrored lake view lounging for miles in front of us, a sunset with its long fingers stretching back out at us, the feint outline of the colossal range of mountain tops bordering this world, monkeys chattering in the trees to our left, an infinity pool and outside bar to our right…and we hadn’t even seen the inside of the villas yet! Or the private beach!












The 8 hectares of private paradise belonging to Pumulani has everything you could possibly want. The boulder strewn and jungle green mountain protecting you from behind, the main dining & viewing deck in the middle, the pool and villas all very privately terraced amongst the baobab & wild mango trees, ending up at the beach bar with its sunny stretch of sand and hammocks nestled under the shade.















Just taking all the sights in here, is an activity in its own right. And activities there are! There’s something for everyone – from the birder & bookworm through to the can’t-sit-still & adrenalin junkie. It’s all here!







And this is our new home. Pumulani! A place like this most certainly has many more hidden delights to reveal as time goes by. So, we invite you to come and discover this slice of paradise with us.”









Thanks Alex ad Karien! It sounds like Pumulani has stolen your hearts like it has with many others who have visited.

And on that note I shall bid you farewell.

Have a great week!





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