Its Monday 8th April 2013 and a busy week in the Luangwa Valley!

I hope that you are well and had a fantastic week. It has been a pretty busy week for us down here in the valley.
The work side of things I shall not bore you with too much but will sadly tell you that Nsefu is now closed again as River Journeys has ended and Nsefu is now waiting for the peak season which is starting in 6 weeks time. The team up there did a fantastic job and there was some really great game viewing with the Yellow Billed Storks not failing to be a highlight for many. The lions however taunted most guests with tracks and roars but no sightings. The leopards did not fail to impress, with a few up close sightings all on foot.







With Nsefu closed we would hate to not have much on our plates so we have opened up the Emerald Season Bush Camping, which is a small intimate tented camp on the banks of the Luangwa. This is very similar to Luangwa Bush Camping but run out of Luangwa River Camp in a great spot. There is plenty of game wandering around nearby and the Wafwa lagoon is right opposite the camp for a fully stocked game-viewing experience. Luangwa River Camp is also going full throttle with guests being spoilt by Sebastian’s guiding and Polly’s warm hospitality not to mention the fabulous food that Jason the chef is producing.


The houses have also been very busy and the 2 lionesses that are often seen and heard on our side of the river have been caught relaxing under the shade of the deck at Luangwa Safari House on a couple of quieter moments. They maintain a certain level of secrecy when it comes to their little ones and whilst one or two fleeting sightings have been had they remain rather elusive.







At Nkwali we also have a new local resident, a juvenile Banded Goshawk who has decided that this would make a pretty great spot to call home. It can be seen almost daily flitting around the office and camp. In fact the other day I walked into my bedroom and saw it perching on my window ledge. Sadly the camera and I were too noisy to get a shot but what a lovely sighting all the same.


The game viewing opposite Nkwali has also been pretty spectacular with leopards never failing to enthrall and one even surprised a drive as they were bird watching by walking out of a bush and straight past the car!! The guide obviously had pre-orchestrated the entire event and was well aware that it was all about to happen…! The lions have also been seen a few times. Emmanuel one of our guides, who has recently bought himself a camera, managed to get this shot shortly after the lion had caught his lunch!








This time of the year I usually always ‘bore’ you with great tales of wild dog sightings but I have to say they have been slightly fewer although they were spotted at Lupunga Spur at the beginning of last week albeit rather briefly. Whilst speaking to the guys running the carnivore project they told me that they are sticking a lot more to the back country where it is thick and sadly no roads, but not to worry we will continue to keep a beady eye out for them.


Well I think that for this week that is going to have to suffice. So from me for this week I am afraid it is a fond farewell, have a good one and I will be back next Monday.
Take care and have fun!






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