Zambia & Malawi (NY Metro Resident)

Norma Davidoff says “It was a moment indelibly engraved in my brain. Zebras galloping through a swath of green alongside terraces at a hotel in Zambia. On our arrival at the hotel, a giraffe was loping along, munching leaves from the tops of tall trees. Zebras racing past guests at a posh hotel? Giraffes at its entrance? I felt like Alice falling into Wonderland. My companions, who had been to Africa before, pooh-poohed my excitement. “Oh, you’ll see so much more of this, and it will be so much better in natural surroundings.” Nevertheless, that startling incongruous scene was the perfect introduction to the magic I experienced in Zambia and Malawi.” Norma visited Luangwa Safari House, Mkulumadzi, and Pumalani.

Zambia & Malawi

NY Metro Resident, USA
April 2013
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