It’s Monday 13th May 2013 and visitors galore at Pumulani.

Another weekend has come and gone! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the week ahead. This week, Alex and Karien, the managers at Pumulani are going to fill us in on what has been happening their end!

“Pumulani is now well and truly in full swing and we have settled in well, the staff have not committed mutiny and the Samango monkeys are keeping a regular eye on the breakfast buffet table, without much success of a quick snack!









One of our more prominent visits last month was a surprise visit by members of the Malawian Presidential Cabinet. On April 10th, as part of a regional visit to Lake Malawi National Park, Pumulani was treated to an informal inspection by the Minister of Tourism, the Honourable Rachel Zulu, the Permanent Secretary, Fey Zenengeya and the Director of Wildlife, Mr. Sefu. Even though we only had the senior cabinet spend one night with us, the cavalcade that arrived & left was a sight to behold!










We have also had a floating reed island arrive overnight and come and park itself right up on to our beach. It was complete with weavers nests, a few crawlies and a happy little water monitor lizard. The stars and planets have also been playing nice and those looking through Pumulani star gazing telescope have been fortunate enough to have Saturn and its very clear rings in sight each night for the most part of April, and all night long. All because the Earth is lying in an almost straight line between the Sun and Saturn. Throughout this month, Saturn and Earth are at their closest approach to each other, less than 820 million miles between, and 150 million miles closer than when we last saw Saturn in late September last year.









Even the recent afternoon winds that have picked up have been a welcome sight to the keen sailors amongst our guests. The more experienced sailors have been able to venture out far into the lake. And speaking of lake, our visiting bird watchers have been treated to a rare but cherished sighting of a Pel’s Fishing Owl, low up in a tree and right next to the beach. So with all the above visitors coming to Pumulani, there’s no telling who will be next…possibly yourself?”









Thanks Alex and Karien, sounds like things are in full swing down at Pumulani!

On that note I will bid you farewell and catch up with you again next week!






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