It’s Monday 20th May 2013 and bits and bobs from South Luangwa.

I hope that you had a fabulous weekend and are attacking the week with the usual vigor and excitement as I am. Having set myself an enormous amount of tasks to achieve before 7am today, I am ticking them off but not quite as promptly as I would like. Kitchen has been power hosed down. Its Monday… well as you can see, here it is!! Then we will hit the packing up of the car to head up to Nsefu and Tena Tena to have a check on what is going on up there as Nsefu receives its first guests of the season today…

So before I disappear off up to the camps, I just wanted to fill you all in on what has been happening this side:

We had a fabulous weekend, with friends coming over from Malawi for our annual rugby tournament in remembrance of Johnny Ambrose. In absolute valley style, the boys were to be found attacking their pre match warm up of a cold beer and a seat in the shade with the usual gusto. Then a brief canter around the pitch whilst the ladies watched gracefully from the sidelines. It was a fantastic event with lots of money raised for SLCS and lots of fun had by everyone. However not forgetting the wonderful man about whom this was all about we managed a minute’s silence; only to be brought to an impressive end by various dogs getting a little too excited about the concept of the BBQ!

Scurrying back a few days though and chatting about some of the game viewing that we have been having, it has been pretty superb. With lions camped out opposite Nkwali for a few days it couldn’t fail to get the game drives off to a good start.









However that is not the major excitement of the week. A first for Fred and a massively rare sighting for us here in the valley – winding up his game drive and just hitting the river in front of Nkwali, Fred came around a combretum bush and lo and behold in the middle of the road – a caracal…

Yes I know!!!!

I mean no one could really quite believe their eyes! I think that I have only ever heard of a couple of sightings of caracal in the valley since I have been here. Well I tell you Fred certainly bounced back into camp that evening.
Then heading up stream to Luangwa River Camp Polly was in the kitchen only to be pulled out by an excited groundsman as there were 3 wild dogs right there, frolicking around on the beach in front of camp!









Let’s also not forget about Tena and Nsefu as we are now up there regularly and whilst there have not been any game drives out as yet, there has certainly been plenty of wildlife activity.




The stork colony is in full swing with lots and lots of noise from the new additions.


There have been three lovely looking male lions wandering between the camps checking out the building and moving progress, not to mention the elephants that litter the Mtanda plain and always provide such a beautiful sighting.








Ok, I am afraid that this week I am going to need to rush off as the car is packed up outside and we are going to need to get going to check on Nsefu before the first guests arrive in just a few hours.

Have a wonderful week, have fun and don’t work too hard!





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