It’s Monday 27th May 2013 and full swing.

There really is nothing like the beginning of season. Scooting around the camps ensuring that all the new hosting staff are happy and under control. Going through inventories and topping up the camps with fresh goodies to start the season in the strongest possible way. Issuing out all the new uniform and all the while continuing on with the regular day-to-day chores.
Needless to say things have been slightly busy but we are there and the season has really kicked off with a bang and a roar. There was a slight moment of apprehension when we were faced with some large grey thunder clouds and memories of last year’s reopening of Tena Tena were at the forefront of our minds, but the heavens remained closed and everything went according to plan. The only remaining camps to open are Luangwa Bush Camping at the end of the week and then The Mobile Walking Safaris being the last next month. So we will keep you posted on progress there and hopefully a trip up to the Mupamadzi River will soon be on the cards.










Greg and Chloe who are hosting at Nkwali and Robins House recently had a well deserved break and decided to take their first real trip into the park. On the first day out they managed to tick 80 birds off their list, which is quite an impressive feat.











They also headed up to the Nsefu Sector to take a look at the camps and visit the Stork Colony and had some wonderful sightings of elephants crossing the river as well as lions just outside Tena Tena. As for the guests, well they have also been spoilt with eland at Lunga lagoon as well as plenty of predators around. Let’s hope that the beginning of the season is an indication of what the rest of the year is going to yield.







Down here at Nkwali we have also been pretty busy and never a dull moment out in the park that is for sure. Whilst there have not been any further caracal sightings, I can assure you that moods have not been dampened with plenty of leopard sightings among other animals. Life in camp has also been pretty busy with a teatime extravaganza of a Fish Eagle catching a cat fish in front of the bar, then being chased off by a juvenile Marshall Eagle which won the battle and got stuck into its prize; much to the dismay of the Fish Eagle. Our local band of banded mongooses have also been keeping us entertained and can be seen most days scurrying through camp accompanied by their gentle reassuring squeaks.







Also lets not forget that at this time of the year we also have the team up at Liuwa and they are also getting some fabulous sightings as can be expected! Whilst getting camp opened, Wendy wandered around a corner, arms full of sheets, only to come face to face with Lady Liuwa taking a rest from the heat of the day and enjoying the shade of one of the tents. Needless to say that at that point keeping the sheets safe was the last thing on her mind and they were promptly abandoned as she quickly reversed into safety!

So I think on that jolly note, I will leave you all to it for another week and lets see what the next 7 days brings to us all.

Have a fabulous week with lots of fun and laughter.







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