It’s Monday 6th May 2013 and a bush and beach tale.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Today we’ll here from Emma and Chris, the Mkulumadzi managers, who as you know, recently tied the knot! Over to you Emma.

“Chris and I were recently married, and after which, were lucky enough to take our families to South Luangwa for a few days and then on to Pumulani. We descended on our RPS family filling up Luangwa Safari House, Nkwali and Robin’s House and I must say it was lovely to be on the other side of the fence for a change as we were treated like absolute royalty! It was our first time staying in Luangwa Safari House and an unforgettable experience. Jacob, as our guide and burly comedian as well as Jake our host who had been there for all of two days and probably didn’t know what he was letting himself in for when our two families arrived! It was such luxury from the breath taking rooms and surroundings, to the delicious food and amazing drives.


We started off with a bang on our first day in the park. We watched white-fronted bee eaters darting in and out of their holes along the riverbank and perching in trees whilst a little further on we saw some arrow marked babblers getting very excited and flocking around a small tree where a boomslang tried to remain incognito. We then came upon a handsome lion trying to have a morning siesta in the shade, but the highlight was watching an adorable elephant, which Jacob believed to be only two weeks old, charging back and forth between its Mum and a shrub. Full of energy and clearly still perfecting the ability to run as it stumbled and picked itself up again countless times, all the while being ignored by Mum who was going about her breakfast.










The following day we had prickly excitement as we heard puku alarm callings in an idyllic meadow. We could see something crouched down and running toward the line of trees that we were situated in. A quick re-position by Jacob and suddenly a young male leopard came slinking past full of purpose. He had obviously snuck off from his Mum, who had been seen in the area, and was trying to sheepishly reunite with her after being spotted by the puku.








At lunchtime, droves of Elephants surrounded the decks of the house to splash about in the lagoon and have a good scratch on the fallen trees. It was amusing to watch the families of baboons gathering around for an afternoon kip in the shade for the adults and a good run around for the youngsters.








On our last night we were desperate to find the two lions that had been spotted by a few vehicles in our party so we decided to head in the opposite direction to everyone else. We had a lovely sundowner next to a journey of giraffe and then off into the bush were they had been spotted earlier. By complete luck Peter, our spotter, found them within a few minutes and just as they were beginning to get going for the night. They sauntered past the car and started contact calling just meters away. The vibration through our bodies as they were calling was unbelievable and we followed them for some distance until we left them to their evening foray.


Soon after, and on our way back to the lodge, we bumped into not one but two different leopards in quite quick concession. It was the finale to our game viewing (as if we weren’t satisfied enough) and our time in South Luangwa.

On to Pumulani, what a treat! It was wonderful to go back after so long and see all the friendly faces we’d left behind. Alex, Karien and Elan looked after us far too well and feet up on the beach or poolside was just what we needed after the busy safari schedule. It was heavenly sipping on cocktails and watching the sun roll by. One evening Roy took us on a trip amongst the stars using the star gazer. We saw Saturn’s rings and the Moon’s craggy surface which was was phenomenal and really does force you to think about your existence in the world.



It was a lovely holiday and we’d like to thank all of our RPS family members for making our stays so enjoyable and unforgettable. I may be biased but I really don’t know why anyone would want to stay with anyone else!

We were dreading to think what we would come back to this time as the last time we were on holiday our footbridge was nearly washed away! Luckily, and to our absolute delight, everything has remained the same here at the lodge and all is well in Majete.

In our absence there have been some great sightings of the lions who have been spotted around Nsepete Hide quite often.”


Thanks Emma, glad to hear you had such a great time in the Valley and at Pumulani.

Well that’s it for today. Enjoy the week ahead, and most importantly, have fun!






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