It’s Monday 10th June 2013 and what a lot going on.

So where to start? Well I guess lets go with the “I hope you have had a fab weekend” and then from there we can brag about everything that we have been up to over on this side of life!

Well let’s be honest there is no better way to show off than to bring guests in from the airport, in the evening and see a leopard and cub just before arriving in camp…. Quite a highlight for most, and all in the first 45 minutes of arriving in the South Luangwa!


Nkwali has been jam packed with game in and around the camp. It’s that time of year again when elephants feast on the newly fallen ebony fruits which surround the camp. The baboons have been causing a few entertaining spectacles with undertones of frustrating moments as they use the camp as their own personal playground, particularly favouring the Nkwali bridge. But the occasional cushion and swimming pool towel has found its way somewhat further from its intended destination.









Some of our more slithery friends have been out to visit as well with Cristabel finding a snake in the Luangwa House washing machine! Well I can tell you that NO laundry was done that day! John in the office, practically leaping out of his skin as he walked under a tree to find a large brown snake chasing a monkey out of it!! He, the snake and the monkey scurried off in such different directions that there was no time for identification. As for Cristabel, well you have never seen someone exit a laundry room with such speed and alacrity!!

Luangwa Safari House has on occasion felt like it was in the middle of a zoo being practically surrounded. I was over there on my own just three days ago and looked out the window towards the car park area to find the path blocked by a 30 strong herd of impala along with some warthog scattered in between. Then out at the lagoon there were herds of elephants and about half a dozen giraffe! Goodness me, I ask myself if there is any need to go out on a game drive!!




Inside the park has however not failed to entertain our guests with Chilumba having a particularly fabulous lion sighting during the week. Hearing somewhat of a low bellowing off in the distance he followed his instincts and found a pride of lion having just taken down a buffalo. They then sat and watched as the lions gorged themselves with their tummy’s becoming like rather large drums! They were then to be found for a few subsequent days, dozing and digesting in the shade doing very little at all.








Some of the smaller animals have also been giving us equal joy with a fabulous sighting of a chameleon crossing the road. Having heard this, I remembered a story I was told many years ago about what I thought was a chameleon based superstition, and whilst my research lead me nowhere along this path I was informed by Mr BJ my storesman about how one of the teachers was late arriving at work a couple of weeks ago because there was a chameleon crossing the road so refusing to run it over she sat waiting in her car the 20 minutes or so it took for it to cross the road before continuing! Now all you teachers out there – talk about a perfect excuse for tardiness….


Anyways before I head off on too much of a tangent I shall drag myself back on track. Here is one final lovely little tale of a pearl spotted owlet, who whilst sitting on a low branch in the shade, kept a bush breakfast company for the entire duration.

On that note, look after yourself and have a fabulous week.







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