It’s Monday 15th July 2013 and news from the Nsefu Sector

Well hello there…. I thought that this week we would hear some news from the Nsefu sector, as it feels a little like we have abandoned this gem so far this season. I can assure you that it is not for a lack of game viewing!!

So where to start? Well, being slightly biased towards Rob, I am afraid that I am going to talk about his recent safari.
The Luangwa Bush Camping team – prepped and ready for their safari with the Bwana, Rob packed up and ready for 3 nights in the bush exploring the Nsefu sector by foot. Having been specifically requested to guide a particular group during their stay with us, he went off armed with his bird book and binoculars. With brief messages coming down from the team that the safari was going well I had no idea how everything was really progressing. So on Saturday morning I scurried on up to collect him from Tena anxious to find out. Well before I even saw Rob an excited tea bearer came up to me and said – we saw 4 leopards on yesterday’s walks!!! WOW!!! Well obviously that has to be somewhat of a huge tick. Sitting down with Rob for a full de-brief on the journey home he glossed over the huge amount of animals that they had seen. Elephants – one of which got a little close! All the plains game and the list continues, and not to even mention the birds.








As for Nsefu well Simon Cousins has just been up there on what I can only imagine was a very stressful business trip!!!! But don’t worry we put him to work with taking photos and telling tales of his trip.


With the river already low and the lagoons drying up quickly this year there was certainly plenty to see. Whilst the lions appeared to be somewhat conspicuous by their absence, the leopards made up for it. We had a great sighting of a mum with a very young and fluffy cub and another leopard with a kill in a tree whilst a hyena sat patiently waiting at the foot of the tree for any opportunity that were to arise from the occasion.

























There were also a few other little gems which were found including a nest and eggs of a Blacksmith Plover (Lapwing), as well as Nsefus’ resident Scops owl that has taken up position in the middle of the camp and boldly relaxes on its branch unperturbed by the general camp goings-on!











Continuing on the bird theme guests at Tena were treated to a wonderful sighting of a Martial eagle swooping down and catching and killing a Guinea fowl. A few of the night drives have also spotted the elusive and much sought after Pels fishing owl which is a lovely tick for even the non birders out there as this magnificent owl really does show us all up.

Tena also seems to have stolen the lion sightings from Nsefu this year with some lovely sightings of the three males that I spoke about earlier in the season. As if to really steal the show, guests have been spoilt by watching lions wandering up and down the river bank opposite Tena, whilst sitting enjoying their morning coffee and toast.









So yes, there we go news from the Nsefu sector…I am sure that as the season progresses the stories are going to come through thick and fast – we certainly can’t wait. Other than that, Mobile Walking Safaris have finally opened up and we sent Christabel and the team scurrying on off up there. With great amusement we watched this wee snippet of a girl clambering aboard the enormous Samil 50 loaded to the hilt ready to hit the road.

On that note I shall bid you once more a very fond farewell from a particularly nippy Luangwa, as I type over reacting to the cold with a woolly hat and several jumpers on.


Have a fab week – enjoy, stay safe and be happy.






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