It’s Monday 1st July and the second installment from Stanley Safari Lodge.

Hey there, so I hope that you are sitting comfortably for the second installment from Amy down at Stanley Safari Lodge – Amy over to you:

“Almost everyday we send our guests on a sunset cruise on the mighty Zambezi River. The opportunity arose for me to take some guests, and so I thought I would go along to check out the experience.

I arrived at the Lady Livingstone, a cruise boat at around 4 o’clock and after having a quick look at the setup and waving good bye to our guests, I got chatting to some of the staff. Upon hearing that I had never seen sunset on the Zambezi, the staff insisted that I jump aboard… How could I refuse?








I had been on the boat less than 5 seconds when a smiley faced waitress was asking what I would like to drink. What service! After ordering a gin and tonic I went in search of seating on the upper deck whilst enjoying the rhythm of the live African music on board. No sooner had I sat down, than a drink was in my hand and we were setting off. I was beginning to understand why our guests enjoyed this so much!

After seeing many beautiful sunsets up at the lodge and in the Luangwa Valley, I was excited to see how the Zambezi would compare. It was up against some pretty stiff competition, but first, I was in for another treat.

I wasn’t expecting to see any wildlife, so when the boat stopped next to a pod of hippos I was pleased and pleasantly surprised. I had never been this close to a hippo before (other than when I nearly walked into one in the dark) so I was thrilled to see them up close, but still with the safety of a very sturdy boat around me! They were just leaving the water having spent the day cooling themselves in the river and among the huge adults I could see a tiny hippo calf, again, something I had never seen. On seeing it sleepily yawn, I had to conclude that if you didn’t know it would grow up to be one of the most dangerous animals in Africa, you could not help but ‘awww’ at just how cute it was.


Leaving the hippos in peace, we once again moved along the river. We hadn’t gone far when we were stopping again, this time for a herd of elephants who had come for a drink along the waters edge. It was wonderful to watch from the vantage point of the boat and I couldn’t help but feel very privileged to be aboard the Lady Livingstone. As well as the big game I also saw some spectacular bird life, including a beautiful fish eagle, a grey heron, two brown hooded kingfishers, some Cattle egrets, and a family of African jacana. This list is by no means exhaustive with the river providing the perfect spotting ground for bird watching. Those with more practiced eyes than myself would have relished the opportunity to see so many native birds in such a beautiful setting.

As well as what I had seen, I was informed by the staff that during the dry season herds of buffalo and giraffe would come down to drink the water. Not that I needed it at this point but this provided yet another reason to venture down to the Zambezi for sunset. It was a mini safari all by itself!

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In between the wildlife viewing, drinks were refreshed and some lovely nibbles were served. As a result I was feeling rather content when the sun began to set. This is what I had come for… and I wasn’t disappointed.

Undoubtedly one of the most splendid sunsets I have seen in Africa, the sight of the colours reflecting off the water really was special. There were a few clouds in the sky but this only served to make it more spectacular, with different shades of purple, orange and red, merging and blending with the white. I think I must have taken at least 50 photographs! Rather than fading as the sun set the colours only became more beautiful. Once the sun had gone down completely, the moon was visible along with a few twinkling stars in a sky of deep purple and orange. It really was gorgeous.









I feel very lucky to have been able to witness an African sunset in such a spectacular setting, and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of wildlife that can be viewed on the river. This coupled with great service, free food and free drinks made for a very lovely evening. If you ever come to Victoria Falls, the Lady Livingstone Zambezi Sunset Cruise is not to be missed!”

Wow – this sounds heavenly. Thanks ever so much for this Amy we will leave you to enjoy the luxury of sunset cruises on the Zambezi River, as we watch as the Luangwa slowly disappears in front of our eyes as the dry season approaches.

Ok I will leave you all to it for another week, have a good one, enjoy and take care of each other.






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