Its Monday 22nd July 2013 and exciting visitors in Livingstone.

For this week we have more news from Livingstone, with an exciting international visitor and the town definitely bursting with activity – once again Amy, over to you.

It’s Monday in Livingstone, and the town is a buzz with excitement! Livingstone recently played host to one of the world’s most prominent actors on the international stage. Former President of the United States, George W. Bush, touched down on Zambian soil!


The former president and his wife, Laura, are here on a private visit to reopen a refurbished cervical cancer clinic. In a bid to help strengthen the country’s ability to detect and treat cervical cancer, Mr Bush arrived in Livingstone direct from Texas on a huge Boeing 747. The likes of which have never been seen on the airport’s tarmac! Our Manager, Clara, here at Stanley’s was lucky enough to get a glimpse as the aeroplane arrived.

“We’ve never seen anything like it in Livingstone!” Clara told me, “It was massive!” No doubt wondering how on earth such a great hunk of metal manages to stay in the sky, school children turned out in their droves, to meet the former president and to catch a glimpse of the huge aeroplane. Mr and Mrs Bush were also met by the Southern Province Permanent Secretary Bernard Namachila, Livingstone City Town Clerk Vivian Chikoti and other senior Government officials. Quite the welcome committee!









According to Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS), the couple will work alongside Zambian officials and other volunteers to refurbish the clinic. This is in support of the Pink Red Ribbon initiative, which seeks to expand critically needed cervical and breast cancer interventions. Launched in December 2011 by Zambia’s First Lady Christine Kasaba, The Pink Red Ribbon Initiative was set up as a partnership with the U.S President’s’ Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Zambian Government, George W. Bush Institute, Susan G. Komen for the cure and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

The initiative has been a great success, seeing many health workers trained up to work in one of the ten new screening centres that have opened across the country. So far Pink Red Ribbon has seen more than 40,000 Zambian women screened – a fantastic contribution to the country’s battle against cervical cancer.

As well as working with the Pink Red Ribbon initiative, the Former President will pay a visit to Nsongwe Women’s Association garden. Part of a US government supported scheme, the association helps women grow crops and vegetables to sell at local markets. Schemes such as this are vital for development of the area and provide much needed income for Zambian families.
For us here at Stanley Safari Lodge, there can be no doubt that Mr Bush’s visit will serve to further cement Livingstone’s place on the world map. It’s great news for the town ahead of the forthcoming United Nations World Tourism Assembly (UNWTO), which is due to take place here in August. It is wonderful to see the town recognised by high profile members of the international community and we are excited to see how the positive impact of Mr Bush’s visit plays out in the coming months!”

All very exciting – thanks for this Amy.  As for us here in the Luangwa, well Nkwali has had its own exciting visitors. A spotted bush snake eating a frog at breakfast, and at the same time a large male lion walking across the river in front of camp calling.  Well you can imagine the guests sat enjoying their breakfast around the warm of the camp fire, wondering if there was any real need to move as everything appeared to be coming to them!!









Down in Malawi at Mkulumadzi, there is more exciting news! Shire the lone lioness has given birth to at least one cub! There may have been other cubs born but as this is her first litter, it would not be unusual for her to have lost them. We are however pleased to confirm that after weeks of speculation on whether she had given birth or not, one cub has since been spotted with her. Tune in next week for more on this!








Have a great week, take care and have fun






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