It’s Monday 12th August and news from around the camps

I hope that you are fighting fit and ready for the new week. I have a few exciting nuggets for you to all catch up, on but first we have a brief snippet from Majken Kruse who was recently out with us on safari.

Majken over to you:

“David Tebbs and I have recently returned from a safari around some of the Robin Pope Safaris camps in the South Luangwa National Park. We had a fantastic time with great and knowledgeable guides, helpful, smiley and friendly staff and some delicious food.

On one morning game drive, we saw another vehicle parked under a Tamarind tree where baboons were throwing fruits down to a small herd of elephants. One elephant was right in front of the parked vehicle. A large baboon in the tree decided to relieve himself and urinated on this elephants ear (you can see the mark on his left ear) which surprised the elephant who trumpeted and charged away. I attach some photos as I captured the whole scenario.















I also attach my favorite photo of the female leopard that Braston located for us, called Hazel Eyes (thank you Braston!) looking beautiful and relaxed.”


Thanks Majken, that’s great! I can just imagine the baboons terrorizing the poor elephants!

From our side whilst this is not strictly a tale from the Luangwa, I feel that I have to share it all the same as I really did chuckle to myself when I heard it. Having scooted up to Nsefu with Rob as part of our weekly trip around the camps we managed to catch up with Braston, who we haven’t seen for quite some time as he has either been out guiding or he has been slightly further afield. Braston was lucky enough to take a trip up to the Bangweulu swamps with a family that he was guiding throughout their stay with us. Excited about hopefully seeing his first ever Shoebill, he was wandering around eyes up and not really following the footsteps of the group when all of a sudden he walked off the path and started disappearing into the swamp! Well I mean poor chap, he is only short so you can imagine that it was no time at all before he was up to his armpits in swamp with his main concern being his binoculars, which he had safely elevated to a swampless height!

Don’t panic there was a guide behind him who managed to pull him out like a little cork…. Well it was definitely all worth it though as later on they managed to find a Shoebill with a chick, so a fabulous sighting and a must for all serious bird lovers.


Other than that we are feeling the chill of winter starting to dissipate and are all getting ready for the onslaught of some serious heat as we move into August. The river is now low enough that we can drive through it in front of Luangwa River Camp which is always great fun. However, this year is about 6 weeks earlier than normal so I think that we are all preparing ourselves for some serious dry times. Who knows, maybe we will get a water top up before the rains officially start in November.

Before I sign off, I have some news from Mkulumadzi Lodge. To celebrate World Lion Day on 10th August, Robin Pope Safaris teamed up with the African Parks to both raise awareness and celebrate lion conservation in Majete Game Reserve. The previous evening guests were given a talk at African Park Headquarters detailing efforts to combat poaching and the successful reintroduction of three adult lions into the reserve in July 2012. The next day guests set about tracking the lions using specialised telemetry equipment with African Park scouts and Robin Pope Safari guides. Enroute, there were a number of excellent sightings, including the elusive sable and bushpig, as well as two very grumpy buffalo bulls, before the signal of two male lions – Chimwala and Sapitwa – was picked up deep into the reserve. After a short, but exciting, walk through miombo woodland, the lions were found relaxing from the midday heat under a Zebrawood tree.









That’s all for this Monday! Have a good week ahead.






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