It’s Monday 5th August 2013 and all hands on deck at Pumulani!

Hope you had a good weekend. More news from Malawi this week, as we hear from Alex, who manages Pumulani Lodge on Lake Malawi. Over to you Alex.

“With the normally lush and thick vegetation thinning out in the lake’s dry winter season, a whole new world of walking trails gets introduced to the lake’s visitors. Pumulani has made full use of this opportunity. In addition to the already well established two routes through Lake Malawi National Park that lead from the lodge, more routes have now been established so that there are now four walking trails to follow. The routes cater to all walking needs – from the 30 minute stroll under mostly shaded sections, right up to the 2 hour/one way walk over the hilltop that ends at an untouched private sandy beach, perfect for taking off your shoes to cool down in the clear water. A handy lodge map of the routes indicates some of the great look out points, shady rest spots and scenic photographic backdrops. All the routes are clearly marked so that you can explore by yourself without fear of getting lost. However, that does not prevent you from being accompanied by our highly knowledgeable and very friendly guide who will share all his lake, fauna and flora expertise, as well as some of the colourful history of the area.











As Pumulani is as much about relaxation as it is adventure and exploration of the area, all activities around the lodge are personalised around each guest’s needs. Three of the four walking trails end at the lake’s edge and therefore provide the opportunity to have kayaks and snorkeling gear waiting for you to enjoy using on your way back to the lodge. Or even be collected by sail or speed boat if your legs don’t want to carry you back. Our guides and beach boys are also more than happy to carry back those cameras and binoculars of yours and keep them safely on dry land!








One of the great activities on offer at Pumulani lodge is the guided village tour to the nearby Kasankha Village. These tours are highly personalised and will cover all aspects of interest to the visitor. In the village, guests get to experience the daily lives of rural Malawians, from fishing to cooking to living quarters. The village market, colourful shops, the gossip around the water wells and passionately supported soccer fields are just a few of the highlights. Getting there is half the adventure, with just about all activities being able to be combined to get you there and back – walking, cycling, kayaking, driving and sail or speed boating.








Many guests who have visited have left donations to assist with the development of Kasanka village and a decision was made between the ruling chief and the lodge, to assist in the education of the children. One of the local schools, Luwi School, has only two classrooms, so the donations have all gone towards the making of the 80,000 village made bricks that are needed to complete the additional two classrooms. Over half of these bricks have already been made over the last month by a combination of local village woman carrying the necessary water for the clay and the men moulding the bricks. We estimate that all the bricks will be ready before the middle of August, when the construction can commence.

The lodge itself has been a hive of activity lately, most notably with all the renovations that have taken place in the last month. In six days, we removed the existing deck and completely rebuilt a brand new main deck that overlooks the lake. To compliment this, we also added on a new decking platform around our star gazing telescope, which also offers another great private view point from which to watch the amazing sunsets.








Several of the raised wooden pathways to the villas have been completely replaced, the swimming pool deck received an overhaul, as did the whole beach bar deck. So all in all, if you have been to Pumulani, it is time to visit again and see for yourself! If you have not yet been to visit us – what are you waiting for?”

Lots going on at Pumulani! Thanks for sharing that with us Alex.

Well that’s all for this Monday. Enjoy the week ahead.






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