Its Monday 16th September 2013 and Majete news.

Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead! This week we have news from Mkulumadzi, over to you Emma and Chris.

“Another season is coming to an end with the lodge celebrating it’s 2nd birthday and has seen more visitors coming to Majete Game Reserve.Many have heard of the conservation efforts made by African Parks and the success story that is Majete.

It’s heating up once again and the bush thinning out each day making for fantastic bird sightings and elephants galore! Impalas, warthogs and other seasonal breeders are looking fit to burst and anxiously awaiting the delivery of this year’s young. There have been some extra special sightings of Pel’s Fishing Owl with a juvenile in broad daylight and lion tracks almost daily.









There are ways to beat the heat- it’s lovely to be up with the sun and head out for an early walk, and then back to the lodge for a civilized lunch with plenty of time to splash around in the pool. A night safari is also a great way to spend the evening, giving the opportunity to look for Aardvarks, although I haven’t spotted any this season so far but other nocturnal creatures are always about.


We have built a new road in our concession and are making plans for a few more which will allow us to better explore our immediate area, providing a more exclusive experience for our guests without fear of bumping into other visitors to the park. Chipembere Road is a gorgeous new stretch with a few natural water holes (which are frequented by zebras and with any luck rhino as well as there are a few dung middens already present) and palm groves, which makes for a very scenic drive and also a great area for walking.












World Lion Day was celebrated at the beginning of August and our guests had the fantastic opportunity of going to meet Fyson Suwedi at the African Parks offices. They were treated to see how African Parks go about tracking the lions and a bit of history about the park, including seeing the container where all the confiscated muzzle loading rifles, snares and gin traps are held. They then set out to go track the lions with the telemetry device and once in range got out on foot to get a visual sighting. They were lucky enough to see the two males at fairly close range who made it known where the boundary line was! It was a wonderful day and so rewarding to see the efforts being made by African Parks at caring for these creatures and ensuring that they remain in the wild.








This week the department of Animal Health and Livestock Development and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife captured 22 buffalo (to do general blood sampling) by helicopter. At the same time the helicopter was being used to conduct the sampling project, African Parks took the opportunity to dart one of the female leopards who was wearing a satellite collar. The collar battery had died and so it was decided to remove it. The leopard successfully captured and darted was Lady Anna and she was lactating which we can only assume means that she too has had a cub! Very exciting news but no official proof yet!








We hope you have a good week ahead and that you make your way out to the Warm Heart of Africa soon.”

Thanks Emma & Chris for that update! Lots going on at Majete by the sounds of things.

Thats all for this Monday, have a great week ahead.







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