It’s Monday 2nd September 2013 and a stay with RPS!

Hello, my avid “It’s Monday” reader – I have recently been bombarded with some fabulous stories from guests about their stay with us, so the usual chaos of a Monday morning is largely relieved due to my job being done for me! That is not to say that I don’t greatly enjoy writing to you all, but for this week there was no way I was able to resist this story. So, let’s have some news from Michael Hannah who has recently returned from what sounds like a pretty spectacular safari, even if I say so myself!!!

“I was fortunate to spend 8 days and nights with RPS, starting at Tena Tena, moving on to bush camping, then Nsefu and a last night at Nkwali. Moving around the various camps allowed me to get a taste of different parts of the South Luangwa wilderness. One consistent was the seamless, friendly professionalism of all the RPS people that I was lucky enough to meet. The ability to maintain such a consistently high level of service across all facets is evidence of quality people, who have passion for and pride in what they do, and an uncompromising desire for excellence.








With the bush drying out, I was able to witness the start of the dynamics that play out around the drying lagoons as the game concentrates more and more on the river. One is reminded of the importance of water as the grasslands evolve into sand and the dust clouds dance on the breeze.

South Luangwa certainly lived up to its reputation as a prime game viewing destination and the trip turned up a number of firsts for me across birds, mammals and snakes. The RPS guides were excellent at allowing us to enjoy sightings of the more popular species as well as ensuring we did not miss the little things. I particularly enjoyed how well they used sounds and animal behaviour to interpret any happenings and shared this knowledge with their guests.






Over the course of my stay I saw more than 70 different species of birds, including a short sighting of a Pels fishing owl, 7 different leopard, 14 different lion, numerous elephant, many antelope species and the endemic giraffe and zebra subspecies. My memories include tracking (and finding) 6 lion while on bush camping.








An approximately 8 month old leopard cub feed on a puku carcass in a tree and then desperately hanging on to an ear trying to prevent it from falling (in the end both cub and carcass fell about 3 meters and we were able to watch the adult female replace the carcass in the tree).


A lioness getting closer to some puku, only for a male to bring her efforts to naught as he sauntered out to enjoy the sun! Other memories include spending time with elephants doing all that elephants do, baboons quarrelling over a tasty morsel and numerous smaller nighttime mammals including a honey badger, porcupines, various mongoose species and the sneaky elephant shrew. Overshadowing all of this was the wide-open African spaces, the ever changing but constant river and the huge sky – all to the soundtrack of a hippo symphony.








In the end I do have a “complaint” – going to the South Luangwa with RPS specifically is something that has been on my bucket list for a long while. Now that I have been it is STILL on my bucket list, and my desire to share (more) time with the people of RPS in the South Luangwa is as strong as ever.

My thanks to all!”

On that note I will leave you to it. Have a fabulous week, have fun and look after yourself






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