Its Monday 30 September 2013 and the glorious giraffe!

Here is a quick round up of the weather forecast and other little bits and pieces. Its hot and sunny here in the Luangwa, rumor has it that we have already hit the 40C mark and we are still in September so lets see what next month has to offer! Our Mobile Walking Safaris are finishing up with the last trip for the season already running – can you believe it! The mangos are fruiting and we are putting our first ones in the fruit bowl this week.

We are getting ready for the October madness to hit us all and can’t wait.

But on that note and before I digress even further this week we are going to talk about the giraffe, so first off a few facts:

  • Latin name – Camelopardilis, suggests that it is a cross between a camel and a leopard!! (by the way it is not a cross).
  • The long bendy neck of the giraffe has only 7 vertebrae the same amount as humans have in theirs.
  • The collective term for a group of giraffes is a journey.
  • It’s the world’s tallest ruminant.
  • It has a 9 inch prehensile tongue.

So there we go how about those facts!!

Well the reason for this very animal specific “It’s Monday” kind of started off because of an e-mail I received from Susan and Fred Denenberg, when they returned home from their recent safari with us. They had spent 5 days with us at both Nsefu and Tena Tena but it was this one particular sighting, which they had with Julius at Tena Tena that really was a once in a lifetime experience. Driving along they saw a somewhat plump giraffe who looked rather uncomfortable so they found some shade and sat and watched as some real magic unfolded in front of them – literally!!





















This small bundle of mostly legs was born! Well the pictures say it all but it is amazing that in just a matter of hours all these legs can be untangled and standing up right ready to get going.











Staying up at Tena, Rob and I were on our way to the camp for our weekly meeting when we found a two headed giraffe! Parking – sadly not in the shade – we watched as the two heads separated and a rather vicious battle ensued! Happily snapping away at such a wonderful event I for the first time wished that I was recording it as well as the noise, the giraffe’s head is used as a club and thumps the other one; simply incredible yet slightly terrifying at the same time.











Trying to capture the event was quite tricky as you never really know where the heads and necks are going to end up and it wasn’t until afterwards and having downloaded the photos that we noticed the ferocity of the fight with one of the giraffe have a visible injury to one of his horns.








The two boys would fight in chapters. Walking slowly side by side, sizing each other up, a little bit of bottom and leg jostling and then whabam!! Sadly our stamina was not a patch on that of the giraffes and we had to head off and leave them to it so we don’t know the outcome but it looked like an evenly matched battle.


So on that note I am going to leave you all to it and hope that you have a wonderful week – lots of fun and laughter to be had.








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