It’s Monday 14th October 2013 and a sweeping statement.

Well here we are again – another Monday. So what news for you? I hope you have had a fabulous weekend. Second of all welcome to another week.

What news of the valley… first lets begin with a couple of wonderful sightings here in camp at Nkwali – I mean who needs to go on game drives!! Our guests were sitting down to lunch in the dining area. Fortunately Geoff and Ann Hughes had decided to take their camera with them “just in case” and thank goodness for that. Whilst enjoying the comfort of the dining area some elephants came through camp and one of them decided that a particular grass fence looked like a tasty treat; disappointed by this he found something else, the gardeners’ broom, which he proceeded to munch on and somewhat destroy!








As if that was not enough, the following morning at breakfast the set up was also rather impressive when a croc launched itself from the river taking an impala – sadly it was very early in the morning and cameras were not at the ready but all the same – WOW.

Other than that, things have been rather busy here but we are still slightly overwhelmed by the fact that we only have 2 weeks left of the season for Tena Tena – it’s almost like the season has just whisked past us at lightening speed. Thankfully Nsefu is open for another 4 weeks as well as Nkwali and the houses keep us plenty busy during the rains. Speaking of which…… well we have had a few false alarms on the weather front the most impressive of which happened yesterday as there was a huge cloud build up then these fabulous shards of light peaking through and hitting patches of ground followed by an impressive wind blowing up every single bit of dust in the vicinity which I can assure you at this time of the year is quite a lot! All in all it was rather magnificent – sadly though the photos don’t really do it justice but have popped them in all the same just to give you all an idea!









Back to the wildlife though, the Tena Tena river crossing continues to be a hub of activity with elephants almost guaranteed there and never failing to impress as they run down to the sand and plunge themselves into the river. Youngsters seem to be aplenty at the moment with quite a few new ones around which is always lovely and terribly cute, we are also at the point in the year where we are awaiting all the baby impala to be born which litter the plains with their spindly little legs and fragile bodies yet they still manage to negotiate the black cotton soil with impressive dexterity.








There has also been plenty of lion activity in and around all of the camps. Luangwa River Camp has had some splendid sightings of the large pride of some 16 animals as their appetites continue to grow and this means that they are putting on a real show for the guests. Tena Tena has had 3 males roaming the beach in front of camp stamping their mark on their territory and making themselves heard and seen. Nsefu, well the pride there continues to terrorize the hippo population as they scurry around after them with occasional success.











We have also had some fabulous sightings of African Skimmers as they sit in their proud manner in the shallows of the Luangwa, their impressive lower mandible protruding further out from the top so as to allow them to skim the surface of the water and catch any stray bugs. Their grace and accuracy as they do this is quite impressive. Oh and one last thing – Rob and I were driving across the river in front of Luangwa River Camp early last week and this is actually true but I don’t have a photo to prove it so you are going to have to take my word for it – a croc leapt out of the water and tried to catch a white fronted bee-eater! The little bird got away – just!

Ok so I am going to leave you all to it for this week and hope that you have a good one, lots of fun and laughter.






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