Its Monday 28th October 2013 and excitement at Luangwa River Camp

Well happy Monday! I hope you have had an absolutely fabulous weekend? Here we have had not even a single chance to recognize the weekend with what is going on in the valley at the moment.

The star of the show though has got to be the game drive at Luangwa River Camp earlier in the week.  It half crossed the river (with Spur-Winged Geese getting out of the way) and then stayed put for a couple of hours!


It had not stopped because it was stuck, but because the Mfuwe pride or what we call Big Pride (there are 20 of them) decided to come down our river crossing road and have a drink. The guests had heard the lions chorus earlier in the day while they were having their breakfast and watched them up on the edge of the river bank, but by the time everyone had got away from the coffee and toast and out onto the game drive the lions had all come down to the water’s edge.  Two of the males were mating with two of the females, the cubs were having an excellent time damaging our hard work with sandbags and the rest of the adults were just cooling their very fat round bellies on the damp sand and having a drink.  I am afraid the photos that I managed to snap of the lions were slightly after the water activities but whilst digesting their buffalo snack in the shade!















Other than the lions, Luangwa River Camp has also had some solid Carmine Bee-Eater activity with a lovely colony not far from camp. This is always a fabulous sighting and with the colony in full swing a pretty safe bet. There was also a wonderfully relaxed Bateleur Eagle sitting atop a tree when Rob and I went over there on Wednesday – magestically viewing what was going on and contemplating the mornings activities. The Yellow Billed Storks can be seen making all efforts to cool down with their toes in the water and their wings spread out as the temperatures reach into the early 40’s, and the giraffes do what the giraffes do best and that is just stroll down the roads looking for shoots and shade!









There was also a terrifying sight at the main bridge with a poor hippo which had passed away being demolished by the crocs. It was all gone in just a matter of hours! It is quite scary to see just how many crocodiles there are lurking in the murky waters of the Luangwa.


From Luangwa River Camp for this week that is going to be all but I am going to quickly just scoot you up to Nsefu where the camp has been transformed and before I give away too much, i will just give you all a quick note for everyone’s diary and that is to end the week with some viewing of the Luangwa from your sofas!

We have a film crew here in the Nsefu sector at the moment taking some incredible footage of the wildlife and the dry season as it peaks and eventually comes to an end. I am not going to divulge too much information as I reckon you should all just check it out for yourselves:

BBC 2 at 8pm on Sunday 3rd November
Africa’s Last Oasis: Countdown to the rains. (This is part of a three part series so be sure to watch them all.)

Well there is nothing else to end the week’s stories with as I think we have pretty much covered it all.  Next week we will have one more camp closed as Tena Tena packs up its tents before the rains come.

In the meantime have a great week – have fun and look out for each other.






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