Its Monday 7th October 2013 and roars, paws and warm days

I hope that you have had a fabulous weekend and are hitting this Monday with all the enthusiasm required to see it through to the end! We have been a tad on the busy side but before we go on to that, guess what happened last night….? That familiar low grumble of thunder and then a 15 minute rain shower! What a joy. I mean just so lovely to get some rain but I have to say this morning you would never have guessed it, and then just to add insult to injury it is already a little on the toasty side! Let’s hope that this is not a precursor to forthcoming attractions because we still have 6 weeks of the season to go at Nsefu and wading around in black cotton soil is no fun for anyone except for the hippos.










Other than the dappling we received last night things have been all go in the park. The Nkwali guests have been woken up on several mornings this last week by the familiar low bellow of lions roaming on the ever-increasing beach in front of camp as they stamp their mark. The leopards haven’t wanted to be shoved asides either, so have been up to their usual tricks dragging kills up trees and generally posing for the camera.










Despite two cold days, we have been slightly warm out here in the Luangwa and all the animals have been doing what ever they can to cool down including this rather sweaty hippo taking in some shade just outside Tena. Interesting fact for you all out there – it is called blood sweat and is a pink secretion that oozes from their pores and in fact acts like a kind of sunscreen! By the way I hope that you are all impressed with my knowledge! Mind you, having been out here for so long it would be embarrassing if I didn’t have a few facts tucked up my sleeve…


The elephants start huddling up together under what shade they can find as early as 10am and the zebras are making the most of the dry weather and dust bathing to get rid of any stray parasites that they may have picked up.









Our aerial friends have also been performing for us as well with the carmines coming in and littering the brown dusty river bank with their flamboyant pinks. Up at Lunga Lagoon, which by the way is now almost completely dry, we have had a 24 hours bonanza and an incredible fishing party which our guests had the privilege of witnessing. On the other hand the Fish Eagles sit high up branches waiting for an opportunity to swoop in and snatch a meal.










As I mentioned last week, our Mobile Walking Safaris were coming to an end but they did not go out quietly. On the way out from his last trip, Jason stopped off at a place we call Frank’s Lakes which by the way is in the middle of nothingness and you wouldn’t believe that it is there. Just sitting in the shade here, he saw roan, hartebeest, wildebeest, duiker, over a hundred zebra, purple heron, white backed duck, Lesser Jacana and even more unusually, a small pride of lions. Talk about icing on the cake. In 10 years and goodness knows how many trips to Frank’s Lake, this is probably only the third time Jason has seen lions there.








So I think that we have pretty much had a good round up from all of our camps today and I hope that it has set you off on a high note for the week. I am going to get going as I have various trucks to load and orders to put in all before it gets too hot and I then find a perfect excuse to do something in my cold room!

Have a great week with lots of fun and laughter.








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