It’s Monday 18th November 2013 and a little bit dry.

Well after last weeks muddy wet ‘Its Monday’, this week we are the absolute opposite! We have not had a drop of water since and the temperatures are high and humid and the clouds are building yet there seems to be a lack of water hitting us here on the ground. It does however have its benefits in that we have managed to close Nsefu (today in fact!) and have not got stuck. I sincerely hope that I have not jinxed us though as tomorrow, Rob and I are heading up there to pull the last of the staff out…so fingers crossed.

So what has been happening? Well the BBC film crew left last night so Nsefu has now returned to a 6 roomed camp as opposed to a 26 roomed camp so all is back to normal. But really the wildlife is what is taking the hit, so have Rob and I as we melt into the canvas seats of the game viewer driving up and down to camp. After the first rains there was a spring in the step, a few new sprigs of grass but that is now all wilting and everyone is suffering. The antelope are looking terribly skinny and the young that were born with the first rain are hanging in there but that second rain really needs to arrive very soon.

The elephants can be found hugging tree trunks gathering as much shade as possible from about 10am and if not doing that then rushing down to the ever dwindling excuse for a river that we have on our hands. The hippos are becoming very friendly as the deeper pools become smaller and smaller and they all group together. That is except for the grumpy old ‘men’ that have been kicked out of the pools are looking rather miserable in gooey mud wallows.
















On the up side, the predators and scavengers are in a glut as prey is weakened and hot and not really as fast as usual. The big pride of lion in the main gate area can regularly be found panting away in the shade, their bellies full to bursting point as they digest their latest meal.








The vultures are having a field day as sadly there are deaths due to starvation but with all things in nature there are winners and losers. The crocodiles seem to be so full that they now just carpet the river banks fat with all things that they think are good and are just sitting there waiting for the rains. The hyenas can be heard whooping well into the night as they enjoy their evening feasts.
















Other than that well we are reducing the amount of camps which are open so everything is going to be based at Nkwali for the next few weeks until the river comes up and we open up for River Journeys at Nsefu and Luangwa River Camp but for this week we have Carnivore Week starting. Our guests will be going out with the ZCP (Zambian Carnivore Project) team and their tracking equipment as well as looking at the research that they have been doing and finding out all sorts of interesting bits of information.


Oh and I almost forgot about Liuwa! Robin and the team headed up there over the weekend to open for the first of the safaris in that magical place so I am sure that we will hear more from them as the drama unfolds.

So I think for this week this is going to be all, I shall bid you a warm (literally) but all the same fond farewell and will catch up next week.

Take care and have fun






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