It’s Monday 16th December 2013 and a new water baby for Pumulani!

Another week has come and gone. I hope you had a good weekend and took it easy. This week we will hear from Alex and Karien from Pumulani. Over to you.

Pumulani welcomes the arrival of its new floating platform, to add to the already long list of water activities on offer.  Our sleek new platform arrived just in time for the Festive season and has found itself safely moored just off our private beach, giving our active guests the chance for a refreshing swim out to the platform, a fantastic sunbathing spot with a 360 degree view and a great way to launch yourself back into the clear lake waters.  For the less active but not-the-less romantic, we are able to bring the platform in closer to the water’s edge, where a private dinner under the stars with the most spectacular unspoilt lake view is sure to top off a great stay at the lodge.


As always, all our other water activities are there to keep you busy; our wide single and double kayaks, easy enough even for the balance-challenged guests are ready to explore the rocky alcoves and secret beaches just around the corner.








Our snorkelling gear, with sizes for all, really comes into good use after the breeding season has yielded many more brightly coloured fish in the lake.








2-Man sailing boats are always ready for solo cruises by the experienced sailors, or the delight of sailing can be shared with you with our ever friendly beach boys, and our 2 speedboats will take you out on the lake in style or let the thrill seekers enjoy the wakeboarding or waterskiing.









Naturally our catch & release policy is strongly adhered to, so even the fishermen get their share.



And finally, again for the more romantically inclined, our 12m traditional Arabic sailing dhow is surely one of the most inspirational ways to enjoy a sunset on our beautiful lake.


Have a wonderful Christmas and new year! We hope to see you at Pumulani soon.

Thanks Alex and Karien. The floating platform looks fab!

On that note I shall bid you a fond farewell. Catch up with you next Monday.


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