Its Monday 9th December 2013 and more new arrivals in Majete.

Hope you had a great weekend! This week we’ll hear from the Mkulumadzi team down in Majete where alot has been happening! Over to Emma.

“It’s December and another year is swiftly coming to an end. This year we’ve had some really exciting developments with the lodge celebrating its second birthday and African Parks also celebrating a milestone in operating in Majete for 10 years. And what an incredible 10 years it has been.








We’ve all been eagerly anticipating news of the lions and the lion cubs. After months of being convinced that there was only one cub we were so pleased to discover that there was actually two! The staff at African Parks were completely elated with the news but needed photographic evidence before being able to confirm anything. After spotting the cubs on a game drive our guests were able to get a few blurry shots. Not enough to make out the size of the cubs or to prove anything. Eventually some camera traps were set up and managed to get some pictures of the cubs and their size in relation to Shire, their mother. They have grown enormously and seem to be doing very well. We’ve also had the African Parks board members here to celebrate the 10-year anniversary and luckily enough they came across the lion pride along a main road and were able to get some perfect shots of the lions and the cubs. One of the cubs is definitely a male; it was a bit tricky to identify what sex the other is so they are assuming it’s a female. It was a great sighting!


There have also been exciting developments with the leopard population. After capturing a female to remove its collar, she was found to be lactating which could only mean one thing. The cub wasn’t spotted but we hope that all’s well with them. Another female was seen with a much older cub, almost a year old now and our newest female was caught on a camera trap with a kill and another two small leopard cubs! They could clearly be seen climbing the tree where the kill was and readily waiting for their dinner.<br>


Buzz is also a proud new mother of two. She set herself up in one of our chalets (only the lap of luxury for this bushbaby will do) and decided it was a good enough place to give birth to her two. She has been a very devoted mother, preferring to keep people at bay to protect her babies. They are absolutely tiny and latch onto their mother and go along for the ride. She came down to the lodge to show them off a few days ago and has since vacated her private room in Chalet 6 for a more natural home.









Christmas is fast approaching, as is the rainy season. The park is looking luscious and green making for beautiful crisp scenery. At the beginning of this year the Mkulumadzi rose so much that the footbridge was nearly washed away. As such we’ve been making plans to prevent this from happening this coming year and are raising the bridge. During the rainy season the bridge is our lifeline as the river is too full for us to drive through. Our weekly load of food, beverages and maintenance shopping, as well as staff and guests all need to be able to cross the bridge to get to the lodge and so we are under a strict deadline to get it up and out of harms way before the peak of the rains to avoid any further disasters.








Mkulumadzi Lodge is under preparation for the festive season with carol practice underway and the Christmas cake sitting in boozy contentment for the occasion. We hope that this Christmas will be as successful as last and can’t wait to share the holidays with those coming to stay with us.

From all of us here at Mkulumadzi – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” Thanks Emma and the Mkulumadzi team!

Well thats all for this Monday, catch up with you next week.


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