Photographic Workshop


Join David Rogers Photographic for a photographic workshop you will never forget. David a well known wildlife photographer and author of several books, including Zambia Safari in Style owns this company. He or Nicky Silberbauer (also an established professional photographer within David’s team) will often lead the safari. The leading photographer accompany you on all game drives, give advice, analyze results, and also look at how best to use Adobe Lightroom. In addition to wildlife, you will also look at landscapes, macro work, birds, insects, and people. This is a unique opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of a leading wildlife photographer and see the South Luangwa at its most colourful. Bring your own digital camera!

Luangwa River Camp is located on the banks of the Luangwa River overlooking a very game rich area of the South Luangwa National Park and is ideally situated for the start of your safari. All rooms have a view of the river. You will often get up before dawn so you’re in the park in time for the fantastic dawn light – luckily the camp has access to the park by boat ride so it takes only a few swift minutes








The transfer to Nsefu is achieved by boat exploring flooding lagoons and visiting the heronry on your way up river. There is much to see and there will often be animals on the river bank watching the water float by. Light in the Emerald Season is much softer than in the drier months and gentle rays falling through ebony groves makes for some stunning photographs. While you are at Nsefu you will explore the park on foot and by boat – a visit to the huge yellow-billed stork colony is an excellent adventure.








At Nkwali you will explore the flooded lagoons as well as the park from vehicles and on foot. Your last couple of nights will be spent discovering this different part of the park or the Game Management Area within which Nkwali is located. By the end, you should have mastered a number of professional tricks and refined your own techniques too.








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