It’s Monday 20th January 2014 and hello Luangwa.

Hello there – I hope you are well and have had a super weekend. Here we have been very lucky with a few dry days meaning that yesterday the supply trucks and the fuel trucks could all make it safely into camp to deliver all of our goodies to see us through the next couple of weeks. It was like a second Christmas….

The beginning of the week however was not even close to dry with a lot of rain not only here but throughout the valley. Last Monday we managed for the first time to get a boat up to Luangwa River Camp but Nsefu was still too much of a gamble – so without a minute to spare we were at Luangwa River Camp in a flash getting the team in to start opening the camp ready for guests in a couple of days time. The camp looks amazing with the bush thick and lush! The team is in fabulous spirits having had a good break over Christmas and the New Year.


The trip to Luangwa River Camp is a bit of a treat as we get to go up through the park, which is looking magnificent. Everything is green, the impalas are sleek and shiny and they now even have enough energy for the young boys to start to joust and the adults to get ready for the rut.














The zebras with their black and white stripes contrasting the vivid green stick to the roads as much as possible as they are not particularly keen on the idea of getting muddy hooves – however this is an inevitable occurrence but one done with significant reluctance.


The hippos are enjoying themselves as the lagoons have plenty of water and Nile cabbage to hide under and occasionally just grunt their appreciation of the situation. The water birds, well they have a multitude of spots to choose from, with not only the river filling up but the lagoons and large puddles scattered every which way possible and Hammerkops can often be found looking for a light snack in the puddles by the side of the road. Most alarmingly though is the drive through the puddles as there can be little terrapins that have emerged from their dry season cave as they bury themselves in the mud and then come up and out when it all becomes wet and gooey!


I had a good laugh on Thursday as I walked through camp in my raincoat and gumboots as the rain came down with some serious attitude and the baboons were sitting under what little parts of cover they could find, hair awkwardly parted and clumped up wet through and looking thoroughly miserable. One poor youngster had an inexperienced mother as she walked through a puddle deep enough that it got soaking wet and rather unimpressed!

The elephants dark grey and just looking happy have even developed a slight attitude and charge around through the puddles splashing about and generally having a great time with their cut of grass to choose from. As for the cats well they are prancing around leaping over the tall grass and carefully wending their way through the taller grass trying to avoid as much of the rain or dew drops as possible. We had a lovely sighting of a leopard on our way to Luangwa Safari House with the maintenance team as it just sat a few meters away from the road looking up at us its golden and black coat gleaming in the sun.









Just think at what a far cry all of this is from what we were going through in November. The rains are here and whilst we still have a long way to go we are getting there and everything and everyone is reaping the rewards!!

So on that rather upbeat and cheery note I think that I am going to leave you all to it. A quick trip up to Luangwa River Camp with a final few supplies before their first guests arrive and then getting started with the week.

Have a great week and have fun.

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