It’s Monday 6th January 2014 and back home.

Well hello and happy new year! I hope that you have all had a simply fabulous festive season and those of you in the chilly parts of the States and the blowy parts of Britain have/are making the best of what could be a bad situation!

So we are back in the valley after an amazing holiday and wow have things thickened and greened up!!  The river is only just starting to come up but everything else is looking absolutely fabulous.  The bush that was completely see-through is now so thick that even from home we struggle to see the office.  The impalas are looking sleek and happy once more and the young are looking fighting fit and are growing up fast.


The bush is littered with new springs and sprouts as small mushrooms struggle to find their way up through the thick towering grass and delicate flowers, which you would think impossible to survive the heavy Luangwa downpours, are scattered all over the trees, bushes and ground.  Insects are also having a field day and are aplenty that is for sure, in fact as a welcome home our first evening was graced with thousands of flying ants as they hatched out of the termite mounds and flocked towards the light in the house.  At this point let me put in a little note to say that, that moment has now passed so anyone coming to visit any time soon needn’t worry!!








There are lacewings, dragonflies, millipedes, dung beetles and butterflies at every corner and the light when it makes its way through the clouds is just magnificent.








As for the rest of the wildlife well as I write this at 6.30 this morning I hear vervets and baboons alarming and during their breaks the gentle low grumble of lion roars in the background.  Hyenas were busy somewhere behind my house as they could be heard laughing very loudly and this morning muddy paw imprints could be found in the damp earth of the road.  The elusive leopard continues to evade me so far this year but I do know that the guides have had some great sightings out on their game drives but I can gloat and let you all know that over the many many many years that I have been here there was always one animal that I was very keen and curious to see and I did – I saw my first aardvark!!!!  It took me all of my control to stay in the car I was just so excited.








Moving on from all of this what else is happening – well we are enjoying the quiet before the storm this week as next week we start working on getting Luangwa River Camp and Nsefu open for River Journeys which is always a fantastic safari experience.  Luangwa Safari House is closing for its annual spout of TLC and we have all been having a good laugh in the office this morning as the watchmen up at Nsefu have informed us that up at camp the river is full so we are currently wandering if mysteriously and magically the water has just decided not to come down to Nkwali yet!








So for this week I think that I am going to bid you all a fond farewell and hope that the first “working” week of the year treats you all kindly and not as too much of a shock to the system and I look forward to catching up with you all next Monday with news from the camps and hopefully I will have got out a little more so will have been able to take lots more photos just to show you all how majestic the Luangwa is looking.

Take care, have fun and look after each other.


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