Its Monday 10th February 2014 and a wet and wild week in the Luangwa

Well happy Monday morning to everyone, what a weekend… let me tell you, we have had a weekend of rain! In fact so much so that we are all slowly developing webbed feet.  Whilst the river hasn’t come up that much it must be about to as all small rivers feeding the Luangwa are pumping water into it, the ground is saturated and gum boots are the order of the day!!

This being said it hasn’t stopped our intrepid guests – determined not to be stopped by the rain, donned in raincoats with cameras in cooler boxes to keep them dry, they have braved the elements and “gone for it” and the expeditions have not been in vain.  We have had some lovely sightings of lion both in the park and here at Robin’s Bridge on the way out,  a couple of sightings of rather damp and not particularly impressed looking leopards and the rest of the game is just looking clean, lean and happy.


Thomas also had a lovely sighting of a Narina Trogon, they were just pootling gently down the road when all of a sudden they saw a rustle up in the canopy, looked up and there was a Narina Trogon – Kephas the scout almost leapt out of the car as it was his first ever sighting, so a massive tick all the way round.  Then as if that was not enough the very same guests who have been RPS regulars for many years got their first proper sighting of Wild Dogs.  All of a sudden 7 of them just appeared out of the bush into a nice open plain, a quick play before some serious hunting but that sadly failed and instead they came up onto the road and played then relaxed right in front of the car.  It just goes to show that absolute dedication to game viewing pays off every time.








Other news… Daudi is smiling as some 200+ storks have started arriving at the stork colony up at Nsefu and the area is filled with busyness of beak chattering and nest building.








But the sighting of the week goes to Nkwali Bar…..  a large bow wave was coming down the river and as it started to slow down a crocodiles head (a big one at that) began to emerge, jaws wide open with a baby hippo wedged into those mighty big teeth.  Then taking stock of the situation ahead, which involved 2 rather large grumpy lady hippos and one youngster the crocodile started to veer off towards the far bank.  The hippos though were not impressed by what was going on and in an attempt to protect one of their own (even though sadly it was already dead) they charged at the crocodile, their jaws wide open displaying and thrashing their heads around really giving this croc quite a scare, such that it just wanted to get out of the way and so launched itself up our harbor getting at least half way up and still clinging onto the dead hippo.  Let me tell you that just goes to show the sheer power of those animals – just incredible.








The near miss of the week goes to one of our team members who walked out of his room and very quickly straight back in as he saw 3 lions just a few meters away.  As if this wasn’t enough after he had finally plucked up the courage to go back outside he then encountered a leopard in place where the lions had been – I mean no need to go out on a game drive that evening as it would appear that he was just destined to see everything albeit a little too closely.


So on that note I think that I am gong to bid you all a very fond farewell – those Brits amongst you please don’t get washed away with the rain and floods.  Have a great week and have fun.


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