Its Monday 24th February 2014 and a make-over at Luangwa Safari House

I hope that we are all happy and healthy and had a lovely weekend?  Here, we had quite an eventful start to our Sunday morning so before I start to tell you the wonderful tales of sightings for the week I am going to give you a quick rundown from behind the scenes!

Luangwa House is looking particularly chaotic at the moment – we are doing some major work on it which is very exciting.  New floors, ceilings, paintwork and generally a major facelift, but to help us with putting in the new floors we have a team of specialists in from Zimbabwe.  Now I am setting the scene…..  The day starts at 7am every day of the week and we leave the office, head to the workshop, collect all the cement, paint etc etc that we need for the day and then head to Luangwa House.  The service vehicle that the floor team are using has a cab on the front but open at the back, I was following closely behind with some additional bits and pieces when all of a sudden the car comes to a screeching and slippery stop on the road and literally all 8 guys in the car both front and back come piling out – I mean you have never seen people move so fast so early on in the day.














Stopping closely behind them, I got out of my car to find out what on earth was going on; long and short of it, a spotted bush snake (completely non-venomous) had snuck into the car during the rain the night before and had been resting nicely on the ledge on the inside of the roof and when hitting a bump had fallen down onto one of the guys!!!  Oh goodness me, what a fright he got.  So now the dilemma – there was no way anyone was going back in the car which meant we had to call Rob on the radio to come and get in the car, find the snake and remove it.

Now, as if the snake event wasn’t enough for the convoy of delayed cars, we then encountered a very very large bull elephant. He had a whole load of pent up frustration and apparently we were the one thing nearby which he could have a little shout at and he did successfully! Needless to say, a few seats were vacated and people moved to the other side of the car as we courteously backed away and gave him all the space that he needed.


All of this happened before 8am!

Now, onto the rest of the camps and what they have been seeing, (as really that is what everyone comes out for) so as the river is looking lovely and full I thought we should take a quick trip upstream and visit Nsefu and Luangwa River Camp:

Up at Nsefu, the guests had a few days walking with some lovely Wildebeest –    which is definitely a novelty for us here in the Luangwa.  But, the biggest story of the week came at night while everyone was tucked up in bed!  The Nsefu pride of lions came beetling through camp using the path as their runway, chasing a herd of impala!  One poor impala took a detour then used some initiative and spent the evening hanging out, hiding in the dining room while her mates risked life out in the open! She only left once the sun had come up and the guests were heading to breakfast.


With the river having come up, we have also been able to do some fantastic boating in the ebony groves – floating between these drowned giants really is a magical feeling.










Down at Luangwa River Camp, whilst there have been some wonderful and varied sightings, the wild dogs have been the highlight for this week. Guests had a wonderful hunt unravel in front of them and many repeated Wild dog sightings afterwards.


Well, golly, I think that I should leave you all to it before I become ensconced in more tales! Have a fabulous week and remember to have some fun.


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