Its Monday 3rd Febraury 2014 and a trip up to Nsefu

Well hello and happy Monday – so I hope that you have all had a tremendous weekend with plenty of relaxation and all the great things that go along with weekends.  Here in the valley weekends mean supplies arriving, which is very exciting but I must admit that I do slightly miss the newspapers and cooked breakfasts of a lazy Sunday morning.

But lets be fair I mean who else gets to say – oh dear, work today means a trip up the river to go to Nsefu!!!

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Well the rain fell and the river filled and we were not going to miss the opportunity to get out in the boat.  With Nsefu open and guests out on a lovely morning walk we thought what a wonderful opportunity to dash up there to see the team and check on everything.  Leaving as early as the sun would let us we had some wonderful stormy skies as the clouds let the sun peak through and start to break up before giving us a glorious sunny day.    With the river having come up it was easily navigable and plenty of space for us to share the water with the hippos and a few enormous crocodiles.   We must have passed at least a couple of dozen really really eye-wateringly big ones!!  As for the hippos well they just looked at us and snorted as we went past, not particularly bothered by our presence and just more interested in returning to their state of relaxation.  Peering down at us over the river bank were giraffes who look down at everyone most of the time but this time it was even more of a southerly glance.  Elephants splashing around in the high grass reacting with slightly more caution than some of the other animals, and plenty of baboons carelessly playing in the overhanging roots.

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Up at Nsefu the camp was looking simply wonderful – it is amazing to see the change between November and now – green everywhere and I am not exaggerating.  The team is in splendid form and they were very excited to be back up in the Nsefu sector.  The first guests in camp were very keen birders and had some wonderful sightings but one thing which we usually have at this time of the year is the beginning of the storks coming into the Stork Colony which has not yet happened….  This is very strange and slightly concerning so lets watch this space to see what happens and fingers crossed that they are just late like the rains were and it is all interconnected.    We will keep you posted on this as I know that Daudi is slightly puzzled by it all.

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The rest of the wildlife has however been doing what it is supposed to be doing with the guests having a few lovely sightings of lion from the boat as they float on by whilst sipping on their evening sundowners – I mean talk about game viewing in style!  Elephants swimming in the river are always a real highlight and the warthogs and buffalo are just simply enjoying the damp soft and soggy ground.








As I type though the river is on its way down again and the island in front of Nkwali is starting to be seen again but the clouds are building and there is definitely ample humidity in the air so lets hope that those gentle background rumbles start this afternoon and we get some more rain tonight.

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On that stormy note I think that I am going to leave you to the rest of your Monday. But will just put in that little boot in at the end as the vehicle with the staff coming into work this morning came across some wild dogs on their way – I mean what a way to start the day.

Right have a fabulous week, have fun and take care of each other and I will look forward to chatting to you all again next week.


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