Its Monday 24th March 2014 and River Journeys plus some round ups.

Well hello there I hope you are all well, had a fabulous weekend and ready and raring for what is ahead of you this week. Here in the wonderful and particularly beautiful Luangwa Valley we have had a very busy week.

Before I hit you with some of the nitty gritty behind the scenes info, we have had some lovely feedback from Michael Worthington who has just returned home from safari. So for now a quick River Journeys snippet from Michael:


‘As a long-time follower of RPS (having been a couple of years behind Robin at Falcon College), I have always wanted to do the River Journeys ever since it was launched. I have been to a number of countries in Africa over the years and like most, usually visit in the dry months, so was keen to visit it during the wet and I must say everything about the trip more than surpassed my expectations.







The vegetation and sunsets were stunning, water everywhere meant we could go a long way up tributaries, the birdlife was outstanding and there was absolutely no shortage of animals (although my quest for pangolin will have to wait for another dry-season visit!).











But it really was RPS that made it so great. The guides were easily the best we have ever had and I cannot thank them all enough for their great humour and all-round professionalism – just such a pleasure to be with them. And then all the other staff we encountered were just brilliant at making us welcome and fitting in with our requests. I think the word that best describes everyone at RPS – consistent. Consistently making clients feel special, consistently smiling and cracking jokes, consistently professional. Accommodation was great, food was excellent and I really appreciated the cake and bottle of champers to celebrate my birthday!!

Although the last laugh was had by the baboons – when I got back to Lusaka, I opened my toilet bag and found that a baboon had kindly left a “significant deposit” while it was left open on the basin stand at Nkwali!


Thank you Michael. All I can say is we always say that everyone leaves with a little bit of the Luangwa Valley – it sounds like you received slightly more than you had bargained for!

So moving on from this and before I stroll into that wonderful place of writing reams and reams for you all to read I will get to it and fill you in on our “back of house” progress.

First prize absolutely has to go to Luangwa Safari House, I think I wrote to you some 3-4 weeks ago about the general “breaking” of the house that we had done. Well in 7 weeks we have managed to pull off what we thought may well be the impossible and have completely gutted the house from taking out most of the ceilings, partitioning and floors and put it all back together ready for guests coming in this week. Its looking absolutely fantastic with Tina and the team working feverishly to get it all ready in time. I have to say it looks better than ever and they are all looking forward to showing off their new house on Thursday.


As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge we have also decided to give our room 6 at Nkwali a significant face lift and turn it into much more of a honeymoon suite. Whilst Rob was away this week the mouse (that would be me!) will play and I went for it putting in all of the foundations and the uprights for the roofing structure. I hope that I haven’t been too “girly” and chosen aesthetics before practicality – we will find out soon enough. I am not going to send any photos just yet as really it just looks like a big pile of dirt but will keep you posted on progress over the next couple of weeks.

Rightyho I am going to leave you all to it and go and have a wander around to see how everything is coming along before those distant rumbles of thunder come any closer.

Have a wonderful week with lots of fun and laughter!


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