Its Monday 31st March 2014 and a roaring success!

Well hello – so how is everyone? I hope you are all well and sitting comfortably, ready for this week’s round up.

Golly where to start? Well I think lets begin with the end and then end at the beginning!!!

We have just waved off our last guests from Nsefu and just in time as the river levels are really starting to go down, in fact every day you can see a marked drop! Mark and Jocelyn Tress were some of our last guests up there and had a wonderful time with Braston and Daudi looking after them and the team had also adapted themselves to offer a fabulous muddy shoe cleaning service








The team has come out for a week’s break before we get them straight back into camp to start on the work for the main season – there really is no rest, and more to the point where is this year going?

Down at Nkwali on Mopane Spur we have had a very unusual sighting of a Leucistic Red Bishop, (Leucistic basically means it has no melanin in its system – effectively Albino!) along with some wonderful leopard sightings not to mention heaps and heaps of elephants.








However the wildlife sighting thieves of the week have been the lions.

It has to be said that there is a certain “awesome arrival showoff’iness” when before the guests even get to camp from the airport they see lion! And so the story begins….

From last Monday we have been hearing lions calling which is always lovely but even more so as we have had a couple of quiet lion calling nights. Gradually they have come in slightly closer and closer and a few nights ago close enough to hear that low grunting pant after the bellow. Now I have no idea if I am explaining this well enough but hopefully most of you will know what I am talking about.

Then on Wednesday night a bit of a ruckus of grunts, calls, and throaty rattles followed by a few vultures seen overhead on Thursday morning. Well we were not going to let this one go undetected so off went Jonathan from the Zambian Carnivore Project to find our pawed friends and he did. It was the two females that we often see out here on the land behind Nkwali, very well and healthy and good girls had managed to take down a full size buffalo on their own – now that is some fighting spirit.

That afternoon on their way in the guests took a slight detour to say hi to our 2 ladies and suddenly unknown to anyone 3 little cubs no more than 3 months old came bouncing out of the bush! We haven’t seen these lions since late last year and with the amount of rain we have been having a lot of our roads behind Nkwali have been inaccessible so this was just the most wonderful surprise. All three of them happy, healthy and full of life and the beginning of a new chapter.









I have to admit for fear of sounding all soppy and like a bit of a cliché lion cubs really are the cutest. So before I go into gushing raptures I am going to drag myself away and bid you all a very fond farewell. Have a wonderful week and remember to have fun.


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