First Time Africa (Authentic Talent and Literary Management)

Authentic’s own Kerri Zane, our single mom expert, just came back from the trip of a lifetime.

She made a bucket list with her daughters and one of them was to go to Africa.  The Africa Channel’s “First Time Africa” sent a crew to follow her and film this amazing first trip of a single mom and daughter.  They travelled to 5 amazing places, went on Safari, and their trip will be made into an episode for the show..

Here’s more about the trip in her own words:

Robin Pope Safari Camp- Bush Camp Redefined

The amazingly friendly staff at Robin Pope Safari’s Nkwali Camp in South Luangwa Valley, led by camp manager Kris, and guide Chris, greeted Rachele and me. The chalets at RPS were similar to Chongwe Camp with a very modern feel and an open bath area, except these facilities are attached to the room, so it feels more private.


Luckily, we were also able to spend a few nights at the property’s Luangwa Safari House.



Designed by Neil Rocher, this private house looked like a two story, Flintstones meets life-sized dollhouse, to me. There are four bedrooms, each themed to mimic the elements of water, earth, wind and fire. The spaces are completely open during the day. At night the staff secures the spaces with floor to ceiling mesh screens. That way you feel safe and enclosed, yet still able to hear the sounds of the wildlife that roams area. We had our lunch on the raised deck that juts out over the backyard lagoon. There we indulged in chicken, walnut and blue cheese salad, Parmesan and prosciutto, lentil and tomato salad, and butternut squash quiche while watching an elephant lazily chomped his way through the tall grass. It was an unforgettable experience. The house also affords its visitors a private staff led by hostess, Tina (if you bring small children along on your trip she’ll babysit!) and dedicated guide, Jacob. Jacob’s passion for what he called “his office” (the park) was infectious.  The Luangwa Safari house can accommodate up to 8 people, which makes it perfect for a multi-generational family vacation or a group of friends seeking a private getaway.

Extracted from: First Time Africa

Authentic Talent and Literary Management

29 April


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