Its Monday 14th April 2014 and Emerald Season Bush Camping!

Hello there – I hope that you are all doing very well indeed and have had a great weekend and even better start to the week. Life here in the valley continues to crack on at its usual frantic pace. We are now well into April so not only are we getting ready for Easter but we have just sent our first teams up to Nsefu and Tena to start clearing the camps and getting ready to go in to open them in just 6 weeks – a concept which in itself is enough to make me have a full blown panic attack!!








However lets not worry about my blood pressure levels and lets chat about what has happened over the last few days. For those of you who don’t know during the peak season we have a product called Luangwa Bush Camping which is effectively a mini version of our Mobile Walking Safari concept, operated between Nsefu and Tena. It is a real hit and guests love it so we thought a few years back to offer the same concept but here behind Nkwali during April as our Emerald Season Bush Camping. It’s a stunning time of the year, rain showers are few and far between and it offers an exciting experience for those who go. No more so than the very first guest who booked for one night and promptly extended to stay 3 nights but then who could blame her when you find out about her first 24 hours with George and Kanga. The camp in itself is beautiful and after a lovely siesta they all set out for a stroll from camp on the property here behind camp.


All walks are lovely as it gives you a wonderful sense of adventure, experiencing the bush with all your senses on alert; taking everything in from smells, touch and sound. However a walk ending up with a journey of some 30 giraffe effectively encircling a bush and looking down at it from a great height staring at some lions (just a very brief flick of a tail was seen) is enough to get the experience off to a great start. But lets not stop there I mean why not go for broke and on the following morning having boated across into the park and setting off, they then proceeded to walk onto a pack of seven wild dogs. Well if you ask me this is all just showing off a little bit.








Other than that, 2 nights ago the very same lions engaged in a hunt which ended successfully but really rather close to home so a few guests had a game drive up to our house and just behind our water tank for their sightings! Thankfully I was not particularly aware of the proximity of our clawed and pawed friends as I went galloping off after my kittens to retrieve them and bring them back inside. It was only then that I heard a gentle crunching and all doors were promptly closed and locked……

There really has been as much activity here just behind camp as there has been in the park which is great and such a bonus. In the park though we have also had some lovely sightings including a big pride of 14 lions, some wonderful herds of elephant and even a large python which is always exciting and not that often seen as they really do hide particularly well.


This week well we have Easter coming up, the eggs are in the fridge and I am setting Tina at Luangwa House and Obi at Robins House off with the challenge of Easter Egg hunts. I figure that it is a lot easier to contain baboon and vervet monkey interaction with Easter eggs around the houses than it is at Nkwali. I will keep you posted on how we get on with it all as we really do have it all up against us, not only with all the animals trying to get to the chocolate first but also the sun and there is nothing more disappointing than finding your chocolate treat and it being completely melted.

Right, so I think that I should better get going; another glorious morning here with a beautiful chill in the air and wonderful pink sunrise. The challenge of finishing room 6 at Nkwali is up against us and I am finding it particularly difficult having to deal with the sheer quantity of mess that the thatching team are making but soon it will be over and I will be in there with my mop and feather duster – I can’t wait.

Golly I am rambling now – off I go, have a fantastic week, lots of fun and look after each other.






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