Its Monday 21st April 2014 and happy Easter

Well hello, I hope that you have all had a truly wonderful long weekend! Here in the valley we have been full of Easter spirit and the wildlife has also been joining the party!!!

Christabel organized a fun but slightly confined Easter Egg hunt as the original set up in the Robins House garden was fraught with monkeys stealing the eggs so the challenge was set and the children ran around the house unearthing eggs from all sorts of nooks and crannies.

At Nkwali, the guests (only adults) had an Easter egg nest at tea time as well as hot cross buns. Over at Luangwa Safari House Edward made a bunny from the towels as his morning bathroom display. Tina and the kids who were staying at the house were busy decorating hard boiled eggs for the table decoration with beetroot and coffee dye along with some wax crayons. Taking no chances everything was set up outside so that eggs and dye could go wherever they wanted!








Just in true English form though I thought a quick weather update could also be on board for this week. The leap has been taken and the canvas blinds over the Nkwali bathrooms have been removed in a show of faith by Daudi that the rains have pretty much come to an end. That being said out loud will potentially now ensure a few more showers but lets cross fingers and toes crossed on that one. We have also got Braston at Nsefu and Bertram at Tena starting to get their camps open for the new season and they have now got to tough it out up there as the river has gone down so it is very hard for us to get up there and the road is not yet open. It is a nail biting 7 day period (hopefully) with no access. In case any of you were worried don’t be as they are set up with enough food and supplies to keep them going through a good 2-3 weeks. It has also started to cool down a bit and yes maybe I am a little bit of a wimp but a jumper is definitely required in the mornings! What this means though is that the mornings pose for a truly mystical setting as the sun rises and the heat comes up off the water creating a misty layer which the shards of golden morning light peek through and the hippos break up as they come to the surface and spray water in the air. I am undoubtedly doing it no justice with my description at all however I will leave it at this: it is stunning!


The wildlife has also continued to thrill us and all of the guests have had some wonderful sightings. Not only of the lions who after moving thankfully from our water tank sauntered over to Luangwa Safari House for a few days. Having posed for significant quantities of photos they have now wandered off for a while.








As for the leopards well they have also been showing off and the Robins House guests have hada wonderful sighting of a mum with her two cubs, something which I don’t think anyone can get enough of!


The other animal which I don’t believe anyone could ever tire over is elephants and not only have we had some great sightings in the park but they have been visiting camp almost daily recently and the guests have been able to sit at the swimming pool and watch them coming to the lagoon to drink and bath. I mean this seriously takes the game viewing to another level of experience!








Alrighty well I am going to sneak off as it is a Monday morning and already people are knocking on doors and the day is in full swing.

So on that note have a wonderful week take care and have fun




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