Its Monday 28th April 2014 and the race is on…

Hello there! I believe that in most parts it is a bank holiday today as well so I hope that those of you who have the pleasure are enjoying a second long weekend in a row.

Here in the valley whilst we generally tend to lose all track of time, at the moment we are scarily aware of our days which seem to be passing at intergalactic speeds.  The reason for that is… you guessed it, the beginning of the season….

So news from the Northern parts….  The Kawaluzi bridge went in yesterday and the first car made it across and then spent a hideous 4 hours reaching Tena Tena on the well churned black cotton soils – the guys got out at the other end about 3 inches shorter. But Bertie was more than overjoyed to hear the first sounds of a car arriving as he has been up there for the last week, taken in by boat but left stranded due to dropping river levels.  Today the tractor crosses and we shall start putting in the roads – I have graciously bowed out of going up until the road is marginally passable so will head up on Thursday to see the guys and take stock of what is happening.  From that point on it is going to be full throttle until the 21st when we receive our first guests at both Tena and Nsefu.








Along the lines of the beginning of the season, well we have the guides exams coming up soon so our new candidates along with our grade 2 guides taking their walking exams have been hard at studying in all of their spare time out on drives, walks and in the classroom so fingers crossed and good luck to them all.

News from the wildlife is that it quite simply continues to wow all and the Luangwa Safari House guests really didn’t have to go anywhere this week.  From the comfort of the sofa in the house they saw both lion and leopard on the same evening. And day times have been filled with heaps of game coming down to the lagoon in front of the house including some really large herds of elephants, which has been superb.








We are also entering the tension filled time of the annual Impala rutt, so all the boys are bolstering their strength and can be heard unattractively snorting as they protect their turf and their girls.  To top off the snorting comes the impressive displays of fighting as the horns crash and dust gets kicked up, some fights so close that you just hope that one of them backs out before any damage is done.








Other than that well I mean the stories really never end but I am going to gracefully leave it at that for this week – ooh well maybe one last story for an unusual lion sighting with 2 male lions having stumbled across a leopard kill in a tree.  The first one made his attempt and climbed this straight up tree trunk maybe some 5 meters or so but came to a very embarrassing tumble, then the second male in a display of machismo gave it a go and managed to tug on the impala leg but there ended his claw power and he came back down to earth with a marginally more graceful thump than his friend.  Hungry and slightly embarrassed they snuck off in a way that only cats can do.  As soon as they were gone the leopard who had been hiding nearby came back to the dinner table and showed everyone how it was done.


That really is it for the week.  I am off now to attack some camp opening challenges.  Have a great week, take care and have fun.





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