Its Monday 7th April 2014 and an eventful bush breakfast…

Well happy Monday and I hope that everyone has had a fabulous weekend relaxing, reading the papers, and generally doing everything that weekends were supposed to be for.


Life here in the Luangwa continues at its usual frantic pace including a nail biting day of putting the floor in at room 6 here at Nkwali and threatening grumbles from the heavens all afternoon.  Fortunately the rain came during the night at which point everything was dry and perfectly capable of dealing with a Luangwa rain storm.


However I am sure you would really rather hear about what the wildlife has been up to.

As hopefully a lot of you are aware we like to surprise our guests with small bush based events and at the beginning of last week Christabel dashed out into the park and set up a surprise bush breakfast for all the guests.  Being super organized and efficient she was there well ahead of time and was taking a moment to kick back and relax when all of a sudden the baboons started to bark (let me assure you at this point she was more than happy to have the armed Zawa scout next to her) looking in the direction of the noise there was nothing but scanning along. All of a sudden some crowned cranes came hurtling out of the bush in a desperate attempt to take off as quickly as possible; the reason being that they were being swiftly followed by a hyena that had decided chasing these beautiful birds would be his morning’s activity.









In a turn of events, which ensures that everyone gets their fair share of sightings, the barking baboons didn’t stop and for good reason as around the corner came Daudi. He not only was following the smell of bacon cooking but the baboon shouts and sure as can be, there was a beautiful leopard relaxing in the sunshine ready and waiting for photographs to be taken.  Once the leopard had finished posing and moved off, the guests celebrated with a lovely cooked breakfast whilst watching elephants, impala and puku littering the backdrop of their view.


Pretty perfect if you ask me…

Now on a final note some business… Here in the valley as many of you know we are really pretty rural and one of our concerns as operators was and is the health and wellbeing of our guests, staff and the local community.  In an effort to help this situation the operators have got together to create the Luangwa Safari Medical Fund.  This fund supports a doctor to be here for a minimum period of 3 months working in the local clinic dealing with a wide variety of symptoms but also to be on call for all the lodges should there be a problem.  As you can imagine this is a very important position and one that we have come to rely on quite significantly over the years.  The reason I am writing about this is that rather suddenly and unexpectedly the position which was to be filled from April 1st to beginning of July has become free so I was wandering if any doctors out there would be keen to come and help us out or know of someone who would revel in such a challenge?  There are obviously lots and lots more details that we can give within this platform, anyone who is interested may kindly e-mail Nathalie on who has full details.

Fingers crossed that we can persuade someone to come on out and enjoy life in the Luangwa for a few months.

Right, so on that note I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell and have a wonderful week.




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