Its Monday 12th May 2014 and Pumulani welcomes Rob and Mona.

Hello there fellow its Monday readers, I hope that you have all had a truly wonderful weekend relaxing and just enjoying time out. Here in the valley things have been pretty busy but to be honest with you I am going to keep you all in suspense for this week as I thought that it would be rather nice to hear from Rob and Mona who are our new management team at Pumulani. So for this week over to them…

“Hello everybody, my name is Mona and I am of Dutch origin. Robin is from the UK.


After having lived and worked in the diving industry for over 10 years in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, it was time for us to move on. We travelled further south into sub-Saharan landlocked Botswana. We managed lodges in the Okavango Delta for two years before we moved on to Livingstone, Zambia and started our career with Robin Pope Safaris at Stanley Safari Lodge. We enjoyed our time in Zambia but when we heard that there was an opportunity to work in Malawi, we were more than happy to grab that chance with both hands.

Magical Lake Malawi was always on our list of places to visit and now we were actually going to live and work there!We arrived very excited at Pumulani and words cannot describe the first impression we had!








Pumulani which means ‘place of rest’, is absolutely beautiful. The design and architecture of the lodge combines with the natural setting make it so unique. The bird life is in abundance and we didn’t really expect to see so many fish eagles and kingfishers; just to name a few. There is a lot of small wildlife to see on and around the lodge grounds. There are lots of geckos to be seen and we even have some genets and rock dassies (hyrax). Very nice indeed!








The view of the lake is just breath taking. The lodge is facing west which means that every evening you have the most immaculate sunsets you have ever seen. After sunset lights start appearing on the lake. These are the lanterns of the fishing boats casting their nets to catch usipa (a small fish)








If that’s not enough, on clear nights you look up and there are just millions of stars to admire. We are so lucky because we have a state of the art telescope that we can use to look at all these stars and planets. A place to rest and a little piece of Heaven!

The staff welcomed us with big smiles and kindness. They are truly the warm heart of Africa.

So come and visit us at Pumulani and I promise; you will enjoy the tranquility of the brightest star on the lake!

Thanks Rob and Mona and we look forward to more updates as the season moves along. Just a very small anecdote from this morning as I drove out of the office to get the day started there was a baboon nursery session going on in the back of one of the game viewers and one of the youngsters was teasing a fellow play mate and just like children pinched his chums nose! Before any of the adults could tell him off or even see what he had done he ran off!!!!

Ok so on that note have a fabulous week and we will catch up next week with more tales of from the bush.











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