Its Monday 19th May 2014 and all creatures great and small!

Hi everyone so I hope that you are all sitting comfortably for some exciting tales from Mkulumadzi where Guy our executive chef and the lions are all cooking up a storm so for this week – Guy over to you:

“It’s late summer now and Majete is filled with tones of dark green and amber. The weather is lovely, and visibility is almost ideal. Our peak season is just around the corner and everyone at Mkulumadzi is preparing.















We have had some great sighing’s of the lions lately, they seem to enjoy our concession the most, “I mean who wouldn’t, plenty to eat and drink with beautiful landscapes”.

This was the first time I have seen the lions, and was pleasantly surprised with seeing all five, located within walking distance from our footbridge.

They had just caught a warthog, a rather large one I must say, as all five hungry lions had been feasting on it for hours. It’s amazing how no morsel was left behind.


Shire (mother lioness) has done so well with her cubs as they are getting big, for me it’s difficult to distinguish the sex of the two but we are hoping for one female and one male.

On a smaller scale here are some smaller yet very interesting creatures I see on a daily basis,

First, one of my favorite the tree agama, with their bright electric colors of blue and yellow, they live in hollows of trees or rocks and eat beetles and crawling insects, apparently they live in colonies and the most dominant male has the brightest yellow head.


Secondly we have a monitor lizard and these guys can get rather large. This one in particular lives in my thatch roof…

He causes me no harm, in fact he is rather shy and catches all the annoying insects, which is strange as they normally eat other reptiles like lizards, geckos, tortoises.


Lastly is a Banded Rubber Frog, which releases a particularly potent toxin from its glossy skin. The black, red and white colouring is a warning to predators. Handling of this frog will cause a rash.


Well that’s it from me, hope to see you at Mkulumadzi lodge soon.

Thanks Guy and from this side well you will have to wait until next week when I will give you all a full round up from all of the camps as we open them all up for the start of the 2014 season. Sit tightly, hold your breath and wait to hear the news.

Have a fab week with lots of fun and laughter






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