Its Monday 26 May 2014 and an artists impression

Well hello there so how’s it all going?  Hope that everyone is happy and having a lovely Monday.  Here in the valley we are in usual full season mode but I thought that I would for this week go back to slightly quieter times and share a safari from Celia Lewis who came out during the green season and has transformed the photos that she took whilst she was here into some wonderful artwork but before I show you her work a few words from her – so Celia over to you:

Our safari started the moment we reached Mfuwe – there was Sebastian and the huge safari vehicle waiting for us.  No sooner had we entered the park (it was already dark) that we came face to face with a leopard – what a start!  But it didn’t end there, so many memorable happenings – wild dogs hunting, tearing down the track around us; so close to a giraffe we were looking right up its nose; an elephant swimming across the river right in front of us; 5 kinds of kingfisher and 5 types of stork (can’t decide if the Saddlebill or the Crowned is my favourite); a red bishop glowing like an ember in the reeds.  Several more leopard sightings including a mother with 2 cubs and a visit to the Yellow Billed Stork colony were simply a bonus.  We loved all the camps especially River Lodge with Ebark terrifying us with lion stories as we walked back to our room at night – the stars, the sounds – simply magic.











A bit over the top I know but all true?   I could write rather a lot more as I’ve barely brushed the surface but fear it would turn into a novel.











In my experience we saw as much as we could have and more than we dreamed of in just such a short time.  I take none of the thought of the green season being quieter on the wildlife front as being true it was teaming and provided wonderful colours, images and inspiration.  Thank you everyone who made it possible.











Thanks ever so much Celia – almost sounds unbelievable – so for those of you who would like to see more from Celia’s trip and other work do take a look at her wonderful website and get inspired!

Its always great to hear back from guests and see their photos from their trip but seeing the wonderful wildlife that we have to offer interpreted in such a different and magical way is just fantastic.

Moving on from an artists life what is going on here.  Well well well just very quickly to let you know that we have been super busy this week.  My mum is here with me at the moment which is always wonderful but also an incredible help as we are in the final frantic stages of getting everything ready for camp opening so she is busy organizing all the operations manuals and getting all of the bits and pieces packed away to go up to the camps to get them off to the best possible start.








All of the new caterers have arrived (well most of them as we have a slightly staggered arrival this year) so we are getting going with some training day 1 of training involved massages at Personal Touch, day 2 involved a trip to a few of the local schools supported by Project Luangwa and day 3 involved some 4 wheel drive training and how to not get stuck!!!!  Then they were deposited in their respective camps and are now fully involved with unpacking and getting everything spick and span.

So from my side for this week that will complete our stories.  Next week well as most of you will know we can never predict what is going to happen but whatever it will have been it will have been done with some style and gusto!  In which case lets maintain some suspense and have a great week, look after each other and remember to always have fun.






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