Its Monday 5th May 2014 and bumpy roads and bemused game.

Hi there, I hope that you are all on flying form! So for this week we do in fact have quite a lot to catch up on as it seems like everything is happening at once.

We have just closed our Emerald Season Bush Camping which has been fantastic this year.  We have run it just on our land here behind Nkwali and the game has been phenomenal, both in and out of the park.  George has been leading the walks and came in to the office with some really exciting stories.

On the last day of one of the safaris, the guests were set to end up at Luangwa Safari House, so leaving camp early they headed off to see what the wildlife had to offer. It wasn’t long before they saw an adorable baby elephant – it was so small that it was standing on its hind legs to suckle – it cant have been more than a couple of weeks old.  After its breakfast and full of beans it proceeded to swerve in and around the herd, charging bushes and generally having an awesome time while the adults looked down, slightly bemused by the new addition to the family.


As if that wasn’t enough (asides from lots of giraffe, birds and impala), just as the team were approaching Luangwa Safari House, they spotted 2 hyena.  The hyena had obviously had a pretty hectic night out on the town, and were slightly late home so the guests stood and watched as they loped/staggered across the plane and into the bushes where they were going to camp out for the rest of the day.







4On the Wild Dog front, it has been a pretty interesting week…..the Hot Springs pack, which last year had 18 dogs, seems to have dispersed and 4 sisters have decided to “go at it alone”.  On Friday morning they were seen on the beach in front of Luangwa River Camp and then they quite literally did the doggy paddle and crossed the river.  Through gritted teeth and bated breath everyone watched because we all know what lurks under the murky waters – but, phew, they all made it.


On the other side of the river after the adrenalin of crossing it, it wasn’t long before they had managed to get themselves some breakfast and were feasting on a bush buck.  What makes matters even more interesting is the fact that the night before, the pack that we often see in the main area were in exactly the same place.  Now the question is: what is going to happen? Are these girls going to join this pack of 6 or are they going to lure one of the young males away and start their own pack.  Watch this space and let’s see what happens…..








Very quickly before I leave you all to the rest of your Monday, Rob and I headed up to Nsefu and Tena.  What a treat to get up into the Nsefu sector, however these things don’t come that easily… After we bounced around on the… (well, I mean maybe I should use the term in an incredibly light fashion) “roads,” we made it to the camps.  The animals along the way looking in the most bemused fashion as this clapped out old Land Rover hobbled and rattled over the black cotton soil with 2 marginally burnt and bouncing people in the front.

Both camps are looking great. At Nsefu, the teams are doing to major prep work now putting in all of the breeze bed units into the rooms and checking all the pipes – as the weight of an elephant on the pipes in squishy mud can have such detrimental effects.  Then next week the carpenter goes up there and we start dressing the rooms up, at which point we really start to feel like we are getting close.  At Tena Tena, the tents are all up already which is amazing, they are not yet battened down and are just gently swinging in the breeze but by the middle of this week they will all be ready and then, again, the final touches will be starting.

On that jolly note I am going to head off and get going with another week of fun and chaos.  Hope that you all have a wonderful time, take care and look after each other.






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