It’s Monday 16th June 2014 and under the Southern Cross.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and are all set for the week ahead! This Monday we will hear from Peter and Janice Thompson who visited Liuwa Plain last May and were kind enough to share their story as well as some amazing photos with us. Over to Peter and Janice.

“Absolutely nothing you have read or photos you have seen prepares you for Liuwa. The vast horizons are equal to those when looking out to sea, punctuated only with the occasional palm tree or male wildebeest. We were lucky enough to fly directly into the camp airstrip – apparently a successful feasibility flight, although they discovered it was not possible to fly out with more than two people. We were the first visitors for the 2014 season and we are told by Robin and Jason that it is the best year so far for bird life due to the amount of rain.

Within 10 minutes we met Wendy and the team, tables laid with refreshments and snacks, and that all important cold flannel, in the shade of a small coppice overlooking a lagoon fringed with water lilies and teeming with flocks of birds.


This sets the scene for our days here, lagoons large and small and water filled ditches in every direction with vast flocks of numerous species of birds, most of which are new to us. On the first morning at breakfast we saw the young lioness and her 3 cubs – the first born here for10 years, this was so special, one playing on a fallen log. Add to this – the bonus of the African Parks and the Cheetah project team assisting us with GPS locations for both lion and cheetah – resulted in magical days. We witnessed a cheetah chasing an Oribi and missing by inches, and sightings of the lions on several days, including the magnificent male. All this interspersed with Stripe-sided Jackals, Large Grey Mongoose and a Hyena chasing a Scrub Hare.


Robin and Jason’s empathy to involve the photographers and amateur naturalists in everything that we came across became the norn, adding their informative descriptions to answer everyone’s queries. We saw over 100 different species of birds; of special note to us were Black Egrets, Wattled Cranes, Secretary birds, Denhams Bustards, Collared Pratincoles, Yellow Throated Sandgrouse, Kittlitz’s Plover and African Skimmers, many in flocks of over 100.


Pete turned 70 this year and his wish was to be at Liuwa, so when we heard that it was all systems go for this season he had our places booked within hours. Before leaving home he ‘swotted’ up on the birds and possible sightings and said he had just 3 wishes – to see Wattle Cranes, a Cheetah chase and the legendary Lady Liuwa. This was soon accomplished, so everything else was a bonus.


Liuwa – it was everything we had hoped for and much more. We cannot imagine enjoying any other safari more than this one, unless Robin and Jason were there too.”

Thanks Peter and Janice for sharing that with us! Our last group of guests will be going into Liuwa tomorrow and after that we shall say goodbye to Liuwa Plains and all its splendour as Robin Pope Safaris will not be running any more safaris there. We do hope to be back one day! For those who were lucky enough to experience Liuwa Plain will have memories to last a lifetime.

Well that’s all for this week. Catch up with you again next Monday.




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