Its Monday 2nd June 2014 and a lions tale.

Hello everyone! How is your Monday going? Schools are open, Spring is in full swing and here we are getting ready for our winter here in the Luangwa. But this week I have a real treat – have we got some photos to make you jealous – well I haven’t but regular guests the Dumbrells recently spent a week with us at Luangwa River Camp and my goodness the lions really pulled out all the stops.

Before the barrage of amazing photos begins here we have a little snippet from Lynn Dumbrell:

“This was a return visit for us and everything was as wonderful as we remembered. I think we could best describe this as our “big cat” holiday with the most amazing sightings.

The big pride of over 25 stayed in the vicinity of Luangwa River Camp for most of our seven-night stay and never failed to provide some great photo opportunities. Listening to the sound of three males squabbling over what was left of a kill will be something that stays with me for a long time.









Of course we couldn’t forget the antics of a young adult who tried so hard to get comfortable on the top of a very pointed termite nest!


However, by no means the largest of the adolescences within the pride he was not going to be deposed from his “spot” and remained victorious, despite some very determined attempts from a larger sibling.


No stay in the bush would be complete without the sighting of a leopard and we were so lucky when a beautiful female posed for us whilst sharing the tree with a recent kill.”


















I mean talk about amazing! I don’t think that we are going to beat this sighting for a few its Mondays that is for sure. I also worry about what on earth I am going to follow on with as quite frankly there is nothing so I am going to allow the photos to speak for themselves and for this week bid you all a very fond adieu and until next week I am going to be feeling the pressure of being out in the park snapping away!!

Have a great week, lots of fun and smiles.






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