It’s Monday 9th June 2014 and its hectic!

Well hello – how is everyone? Are you all happy and well rested after the weekend? So what news from the valley – well quite a lot to be honest with you, it seems like it just isn’t stopping. This week though is all about this side of the park so a round up from Nkwali, Robins House and Luangwa House. It was, to use Christabel’s favorite new word, “hectic” at Luangwa House a few days ago! There were hundreds of birds, especially yellow-billed storks, Marabou storks, Saddle-billed storks and Sacred Ibis. There were also fish eagles, a marshal eagle, bateleur eagles and not to forget the more usual visitors including elephants, giraffe, warthog, pukus and impala that come to the lagoon. This particular day though was really all about the birds! Everyone in the house initially thought it was planes flying way overhead as these storks were so noisy. When we went to investigate hundreds of birds had taken over the lagoon, beaks clapping away and fish eagles singing overhead as they searched for fish. It was a truly beautiful and unique site, not least because a yellow bill stork coming in to land with legs spread is a pretty funny site. 16 Robin’s House guests had the most phenomenal sighting of 2 big male Kudus really having a proper fight. As if it was just pure luck they heard this crashing in the bushes and Obi advanced the car a little and just in the clearing there were these 2 bulls and crumbs there was no holding back.














Now as if that wasn’t enough of the men flexing their muscles they then had another spectacular fight with 2 male impalas trying to find out who was going to win the girls!

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There was also some nice calm sightings of some beautiful birds including this lovely Spotted Eagle Owl and then a real poser of a Lilian’s Lovebird – it’s really not very often at all that we get such lovely bird photos as they tend to give you enough time to get your camera out and then decide to flutter away!








The wild dogs have also been around and our guests have been treated to some great sightings as they trot through the main game area but I am afraid no further update on the girls that were spotted crossing the river a few weeks ago.

2 On top of all of this Simon Cousins was back with his family for a long weekend and had a rather amusing warthog sighting with a young male who had certainly not read the manual. So the story goes…the very very large male warthog proud of his tusks was strutting his stuff and heading straight towards a particularly attractive female where he decided that he would – well do his business.








Just as he was getting himself into position, a younger and much much smaller male decided that actually this was not what he had in mind and quite frankly he felt that he should be given a look in and charged straight at the amorous pair knocking the big male sideways and off of the prize!! This happened a few times before the young chap was finally seriously chased away and calm was restored. I mean you have to give the young guy an A+ for trying…








On that note I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell and until next week with more stories from us all. Have fun and look after each other.




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