Its Monday 30th June 2014 and a quick trip to Nsefu

Well hello there everyone, hope you are all sitting comfortably and that no one has a rumbling tummy. This week why not find an excuse to get up to the Nsefu Salt Springs area and get stuck into a full cooked English Breakfast.

Who really needs an excuse to do this – well no one really, but why not use Simon Cousins as the perfect reason to mix a good meal with some catching up with friends and “guests”. So off we set, Landrover starting reluctantly at 5am! Fleeces, woolly hats, gloves and blankets donned; nothing but darkness to greet us on the road. Driving through Mfuwe just before dawn and before everyone started to wake up and then hitting the dirt road straight up to the salt pan. The dawn chorus gradually and gently starting, the qualia taking off from within the tall grass and the round ball of fire of the sun starting to peep up over the horizon. One of the strangest things was it getting colder once the sun was up, but not to worry we had bacon and eggs to look forward to as well as a hot cup of coffee!


Getting into the park we were on a mission to reach the salt springs ahead of the game drive so didn’t stop for too much. Even so, just the sheer quantity of what we saw all fluffed up against the cold and sleepily getting ready for another day. Warthogs, zebra, puku and impala pretty much everywhere we looked before we turned right into the springs and had the steam rising from the water the plovers squawking furiously at us as if asking us to get off their land and the raptors still sitting in the trees waiting for the sun’s rays to warm them up.








It wasn’t long before we heard Simon’s laugh and we all arrived at the same time… No one wasted anytime in getting the gas stove on for the coffee and the fire on the way for the cooking. Hovering like hyenas we all waited for the food to be ready and then sat ourselves down to a perfect breakfast in the perfect spot. Such wonderful occasions always seem to pass us by far too quickly but it was certainly worth it.








We packed ourselves up said our farewells and headed on to Nsefu. A must at this time of the year is a quick stop off at the Stork Colony which is looking super and full of life this year and always a treat and a major lure for any birder and photographer. We were sadly still pretending that we were working so didn’t stray into full game drive mode but the Nsefu sector is already bursting with some amazing sightings. Elephants seem to be scattered on every corner crossing the river, which is still rather deep, and the youngsters battling to see their way with only their trunks sticking up above the water level as their mums guide them across.










Other than that and dragging ourselves away from the Nsefu sector; Christabel and the team headed up to Mupamadzi for the beginning of another season of Mobile Walking Safaris which is very exciting – we are now all officially open and peak season is upon us. Right, on that thought I am certain that I have a hundred and one things to be getting on with but sadly seem to be avoiding the worst of the paperwork but onwards and upwards.

Hope that you all have a fab week with lots of fun and laughter and will update you next Monday on the various valley goings on.








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