Its Monday 14th July 2014 and leaping leopards!

Hi there everyone, I hope that you are all happy and healthy and had a lovely weekend. So there I was sitting at my desk thinking, now what am I going to chat about this week, especially after last week’s mobile walking story. Then an e-mail came through to me, 6am still slightly sleepy eyed, I shouted across the office “Rob you have to come and see this”. He trundled across thinking that it was just another ‘something’ but was equally as stunned as I was.

So without any further natter from me I am going to get to the point and I hope that you are all ready to be completely and utterly green with envy when you see the photos that I just received from Walt and Diana Zilhay who were with us just a few weeks ago….

They were here with us at Nkwali and Fred was guiding them – they came around the corner to find these two leopard siblings play fighting with each other and got to spend a glorious half hour watching them.









Wow – well Walt and Diana thank you so very very much for sharing those incredible photos with us, what a very special sighting.


Now then what do I follow on with? To be honest with you it’s going to be a very difficult one as lets face it, not much else is going to be able to top this. So I am afraid I am going to remain beaten by this and will bow out gracefully and very very quietly tell you all about a wonderful morning at Luangwa River Camp when 4 wild dogs spent the morning just taking it easy just on the outskirts of the camp – almost no need to go out on a game drive at all.








It would appear that already this season we are getting some amazing sightings, these two just being the icing on the cake for this week.

I wonder what next week will have in store for us?

On that note I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell, take care of each other and remember to have fun and keep smiling.















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