Its Monday 28th July 2014 and some visitors to the camps

Hi there, I hope that you are all well and have had a fabulous weekend doing whatever it is that you do at weekends.  Here things are ticking along as usual and as I was sitting here wandering what to chat to you all about this week, I heard a series of rather entertaining “in camp” stories from the last week. These I thought to share with you all because in all fairness they are on an even keel with some of the tales that we get from the game drives!

So lets start at Nkwali and work our way up river!

On Tuesday evening we had the absolute pleasure of being serenaded by lions literally all around, some on the opposite bank of the river and others on our side of the river – its always a magical sound and one that I must admit I love going to sleep listening to.  Thankfully our Nkwali watchmen were up and about and had just finished doing one of their patrols and had met up at the fire place by Nkwali bar at around 2.30am when all of a sudden – silence – 2 large male lions were just sauntering straight towards them.  Fear set in and led found its way into their boots – and a good thing too as the last thing you want to do is run.  The lions and the watchmen had a quick stare off before the lions peeled off and headed towards the Nkwali kitchen. Maybe they thought that they might find something scrumptious there instead of at the bar!


We also have a terrapin that has moved into the Nkwali lagoon and can now regularly be seen catching some rays and dodging the elephants coming down to drink.


Tena Tena has had a multitude of events but the top one of all happened just before the guests arrived at breakfast.  Florence (our floating caterer) and Bertie – aka Berdie (renamed because of the following) were waiting for the guests to join when a large bull elephant just walks straight along the sand towards them.  Having previously noticed a defense mechanism used by the plovers to protect their nests, Berdie decided to put it to the test.  Laying flat on the ground and leopard crawling forward in stealth mode so that the elephant didn’t see him he lay in wait and then just leapt up in the air arms and legs out then back down on the ground.  First attempt the elephant looked like he was probably having a hallucination then Berdie’s second leap up from a different location and the elephant got the message and left rather promptly.


Last but not least was a rather exciting and somewhat swift removal from after dinner drinks at Nsefu.  Florence – who by the way appears to be the instigator in most of these events – was sitting at the bar nattering away with one of the guests when one of the watchmen steamed in, bundled them both up and removed them from the bar!  2 rather large sized male lions were heading straight into camp – at this point I would also like to make a connection to the male lions and the RPS bars!  The movement made them change their course slightly and they headed behind the rooms, so sadly the guest didn’t get to see them. However Florence was promptly escorted back to her room under the watchful glare of 4 green eyes shining in the torch light.


So as you can see it really has been all go and that doesn’t even begin to tell you the tales of what is going on in the park – but sadly I have used up my quota of stories for this week so I shall bid you all a very fond farewell as you all sit comfortably behind your computers away from the challenges of dodging elephants and lions.

Have a fabulous week with lots of laughter and lets see what stories we can bring to you next Monday.





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