Its Monday 7th July 2014 and a trip to Mupamadzi

Well hello and happy Monday – can you believe that we are already into the second half of the year? I promise you time is just going by faster and faster! But enough lamenting about time and lets focus on what has been happening this week – although I fear that the title may just give it all away.

Our Mobile Walking Safaris has started….

Possibly one of the most exciting products that we have and a true wilderness experience, it holds a very special place in many of our hearts. Golly, it appears that I am having a gushing moment! Anyways back on track, this last week the team went up there for their first safari – the large white Samil 50 truck packed up with its huge tarpaulin holding all the bits and pieces in place so that nothing drops off on the way up. All covered except for the hurricane lamps with their glasses removed that enjoy a fresh air experience bumbling along the dirt road!


However hard we try driving, the Samil 50 does not a stealthy approach make…. But this was not going to stop the team from enjoying their drive up and they still managed to see some amazing game, which given that this was the very first trip up there is an incredibly positive sign for the season ahead. First up the crossing of the Luwi river the first 4WD experience as we trawl through and across the deep sand which in itself is not only a nail biting moment but given that whilst doing so simultaneously watching lions on a buffalo kill is quite something.


Next stop, camp one which was not where they were setting up but with the added advantage of height on the truck a couple of lionesses with some 3 cubs were seen weaving their way through the incredibly high grass. Slight relief at not setting up camp there, they headed on to Camp 2 right on the banks of the Mupamadzi River. The steam rising off the water in the cool mornings and the suns rising rays bouncing and refracting create a surreal and stunning morning vista. The camp was set up in a jiff, tents spick and span ready for the new season and the team excited to welcome George and the first guests the following day.








The safari carried on as planned with no further surprises until the last night at Camp 4 – as the team packed up on the 4th morning from Camp 3 and headed to Camp 4 they reached there and were slightly on edge with just how quiet it was – something was not right. But being on a schedule to get the camp up and running before the walk arrived, they got on with it. However just as they were taking the first tent to its site they heard a thud and looked around as a large leopard jumped out of the tree above the kitchen!! Adrenalin now pumping the camp was put up in record time and then sitting down with steaming cups of tea the guys burst out laughing at what had just happened. It was all go for the team but the guests also had a pretty great safari with a wide array of animals but the best was definitely left until last. They were keen to see lion on foot and there were no shortage of tracks and signs but the grass was still high and the lions are slightly cunning but on the very last moment of the very last walk there he was a lovely large male lion getting ready to go hunting for some dinner – what a way to end the safari. Ooh but if you think that that is the end you have another thing coming! In true fashion and not wanting to do things by halves that evening just as the guests were all tucked up in bed warm under the duvets with just noses poking out, the same male lion wandered into camp and positioned himself right in the middle and started roaring – tents vibrating and people making not a sound I don’t think that it was an experience that will be forgotten by guests and staff alike for quite some time.


So there you have it the first mobile safari of 2014 – definitely a roaring success one could say and hopefully there will be many more like it this season. I will keep you posted on how things progress but in the mean time will leave you all to it and hope that you have a fabulous week ahead with lots of fun and laughter and all things good.





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