Its Monday and a quick round up from the Luangwa Valley

Well hello there! Those of you who are sitting in England enjoying the lovely warm weather whilst we are here in the valley nicely wrapped up in our winter woollies can enjoy the momentary swap of climate. But enough about that, lets get down to business and see what has been happening in the valley this week.

To start with, the guides have been really rather let off the hook at Nkwali as our resident leopard on the opposite bank has been spoiling us with sightings and gently strolling along the bank in full view of everyone whilst enjoying breakfast, lunch and tea, really showing off so no complaints there.


Kiki has been busy in the park this week with his guests and lets face it, we all really like it when guests come to stay and really want to see giraffes – I mean who can blame them, they are pretty awesome! Asides from some wonderful giraffe sightings he also had a double whammy when he parked up in a nice shady spot for two hours to watch a large male leopard attempt to stalk and hunt impala but failing every time as the poor cat was being followed by a giraffe who kept on looking down at him and well blatantly ruining the surprise.


The crocs just up river from camp also got a real feast nice and early in the season as a large male hippo died of what looked like extremely bad fighting wounds and so they all congregated for quite a feeding session.


At Robins House our recent guests pretty much saw everything during their stay with us with leopards practically falling out of trees, lions with very small cubs and on a separate occasion a pride of 12 lions and also a pack of wild dogs. Sadly though Obi leapt out of the car with slightly more excitement than usual after an extremely good morning game drive and arriving at a bush breakfast and did a magnificent stumble and twisted his ankle. So he is pottering around with somewhat of a limp and struggling to live it down but I am sure that he will be back up and running again soon – at least he went down in style!









Up at Nsefu the guests were in for a real treat yesterday as they arrived at a particularly amazing sighting of 2 female lions with 7 cubs! As I said to Braston “gosh they have been busy” this was the first sighting of these cubs this season so fingers crossed that they survive as really very little beats watching the little fluffy packages climbing over mum and playing about full of mischief.








Mobiles is also up and running and in full swing and is now non stop until the beginning of October so that will be keeping the team busy and out of trouble and needless to say that the guests have been spoilt with some wonderful long walks in the cool weather. George is recently back from his latest trip on which he had some really great sightings not only some spectacular scenery but also a rare (for the valley) Palm Nut Vulture, a lovely herd of roan drinking at a lagoon and then on the last day two different leopard sightings the last of which was a lovely female who killed a puku just in front of them as they were settling down for a sundowner – I mean the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.









So if that hasn’t whet your appetites I don’t know what will! For this week though I must get going as I am about to head off to the camps so I hope that you all have a great week with lots of fun and laughter.







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