Its Monday 18th August 2014 and cooking up a storm!

Hi there everyone, so how are you all? Well, here we are all enjoying the mid season plumpness from all of the delicious treats that our chefs are cooking up for us and the annual squeeze into our shorts begins! However whilst we are chatting about food I thought that it would be lovely to hear from our new chef at Pumulani – Wijan.
Wijan over to you…


“Growing up and beginning my career in Pretoria, South Africa I was fortunate enough to work in some of the most established hotels and conference venues in the area. However, it wasn’t long before I started seeking something a little more adventurous and in 2011 I found myself enjoying a 3 month Tanzania adventure which truly whet my appetite for the bush experience. Just after my Tanzania contract finished I found an amazing opportunity to work down in Cape Town, a city and area renowned for its excellent chefs and cuisine. Here I established myself in a small west coast town of Melkbosstrand working in a 300 seater restaurant. Life has rewarded me greatly since being in the Cape and I have been fortunate enough to meet my amazing fiancee Chantelle and have become an incredible proud father to our son Sebastian.

However it wasn’t long before there was a tug for another adventure and an ex colleague of mine got in touch as he had recently returned from Malawi and it wasn’t long before the Pumulani dream was born.


Arriving after dark on the 17th of July I had no idea where I had landed up but the following morning as the sun rose and the fish eagles started calling, it wasn’t long before I had fallen in love with the place. Meeting the team whilst daunting was very exciting and it didn’t take long before we all started working together in the kitchen producing some wonderful dishes.


It is exciting working with such raw talent and being able to teach and inspire the chefs in the camp and hopefully our food will do the magnificent views and beautiful camp justice.

Zikomo kwambiri!
Wijan Pretorius”

Thanks Wijan and I am already feeling hungry. But before we leave the kitchen we have got to share some recent Luangwa Safari House kitchen events with you all. We had an amazingly lovely family visit us last week and the children stayed behind one morning with Tina and they got truly tucked into making afternoon tea for everyone!
I am not sure if there was more cookie on them and in their tummys than what actually made it to the oven but everyone was very happy with the results – well except for Ackson our kitchen porter who is still finding hidden bits of cookie dough in all sorts of nooks and crannies.

From my side though for this week that is pretty much it. However I am going to have to leave you with one wildlife sighting from Nsefu as I really don’t think that we can forgo it. Braston and Hannah were sat at breakfast with all the guests when all of a sudden a lovely female leopard walked out across the pan in front of them, then stopping she looked back, gave a gentle little chirp and out came 2 fluffy bundles of joy scampering across in to the bushes. Wow I mean really is there any better way to start the day.

Right that really is me done, I hope that you all have a wonderful week with fun laughter and hopefully lots of cookies….


















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