Its Monday 25th August 2014 and elephantastic!

Well here we are again another glorious Monday morning in the Luangwa and hopefully with you all wherever it is that you are.  We have had a hectic few days with plenty of things going on to keep us all out of trouble but there has been one large, grey constant that has kept us all on our toes – Elephants!


I have to say since a very very young age I have had a love affair with elephants and it has continued and been suitably satisfied on a daily basis since I have been here in the Luangwa as we are not short of an elephant or two.  However this week has been something rather special and they seem to have descended on Nkwali like nobody’s business.  There was a minor blip in proceedings when over a 2 day period we had our 2 ladies with their 3 calves hanging out just behind camp and over those 2 days it was incredible to see how the elephants just simply disappeared like a puff of smoke.  But fear not they are back and I can assure you they are back with a vengeance.








The river is drying up rather quickly in front of Nkwali which means that the elephants now easily cross too and from the park and can be seen most days wading across the river in front of camp – surely a sight that can never be tired of.  Along with the river drying up it also means that the lagoons around Nkwali, Luangwa Safari House and Robin and Jo’s house become absolute hotspots for them and they come in their droves.  Yesterday I had to drive out but a trip that should have taken no more than a couple of minutes turned into 20 minutes as a line of elephants being much bigger and far more assertive with their moves had a mission in mind and that was to get to some water.  A line of some 27 animals crossed in front of me as I gladly just sat there kicked back and enjoyed the show.








Nkwali lagoon is regularly hosting elephants so as the weather warms up we are enjoying cooling down in the swimming pool alongside the elephants as they cool down in the lagoon.  Now I mean if anything is going to make one feel better about getting into a bathing suit it has to be doing so alongside a rather large and wrinkly elephant!


Luangwa House guests have been treated to them almost daily as they come down to drink and cool down in the lagoon and sitting on the deck between the ebony trees with the elephants surrounding you is a truly magical experience.  It takes game viewing to another level!


I mean lets ask ourselves if really we need to get out of camp?  I have to admit though this is all said from the very narrow perspective of an elephant lover so before I bore you all too much with my gushy-ness over our large grey friends I will branch out and give you a little bit of an update of some other wonderful sightings that we have been having.

As mentioned first of all in todays letter we have had the lions around which is always a thrill and it is so fab to see them all doing so well.  However we did have a bit of a hectic day for our chefs on Thursday as they usually arrive in the morning with their schedule for the day nicely set out, get busy chopping and baking to have everything ready for lunch at around 11.30 / 12.00 but by 12.00 there was a flurry of panic in the kitchen as everything was packed up, salads were put in the fridge, the quiche was covered with a dish so as not to dry and the waiters positioned themselves almost statuesque in the dinning room to ward off the baboons from the table.








The guides had radioed in saying “hold on everything” well we did and for very good reason as the guests got to have a truly wonderful sighting of wild dogs which for some regular safari goers that we had in camp was a first plus we also had a birthday in camp and I mean well done Daudi for preparing such an awesome birthday present!!  The game drive finally returned about an hour and a half later with some hot, dusty but very happy people on board and well that is what it is all about.


So on that jolly note I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell until next week so between now and then have fun, laugh lots and look after each other.










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